Saturday, 27 April 2019


After a wonderful Easter holiday break we finished the two weeks off with a visit to Wonderwool, a yarn show at Builth Wells in Wales. The weather was awful today, too windy for us to spend a day on a building site, so we headed off on the train for a day out...

An amazing poppy display.

Friendly sheep.

Teeswater sheep showing off their coats.

Three adorable kid goats.

Inspiring crochet by Janie Crow. I bought a shawl pattern.

Pops of quilting and felt colour...

...on a huge scale.

Toft cuties.

A little skein winding on the one and a half hour train ride home. She is good to me, that one.

Some light purchasing: a large 4ply bundle, sock yarn in 4ply and DK and three macrame kits.

That should see me through the year I reckon. 

We had a fab time! Thanks for dropping in. 
Jo xxx


  1. Hi Jo! I've just got back from Wonderwool too. I also bought some Weavers Loft and a shawl pattern and a blanket pattern from Janie Crow. So sorry I didn't bump into you! My blog post will have to wait until tomorrow ~ too tired!

  2. Looks like you had a great day out Jo, all those lovely cheery colours. It was very drab and wet here too all day. Looking forward to seeing all your woolen makes. Cx

  3. It looks like a good day out. You have such good helpers, plus they want to go to these things. My husband complained yesterday because I nipped in a shop for a zip, ok I may have had a browse too! x

  4. Would you believe it, in all my life I have never been to a proper yarn festival of any kind. Such a lovely day out! The sheep on the second photo have such interesting hair structure, corkscrew locks of sorts. You are lucky to have a yarn winder helper... my four all refuse and I end up holding the yarn on my bent knees. Yes, it does look ridiculous. Have a lovely week, hopefully with some good weather xx

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time despite storm Hanna

    Mitzi x