Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Getting There

We are on our own now. The builders have gone from our new build and we are trying to do as much as we can ourselves before we call them back at the end of the year with a list of things that we thought we could do but will have eventually found out we can't! Who knows what that list will be.

I couldn't bring myself to have the next picture as the one that came up on the blog feed so I took this at the farm over Easter weekend.

We didn't have a stairs and now we have.

We didn't have any doors and now we have.

All of those parquet blocks are laid. It is covered now to protect it and only the builders and I know what it looks like underneath as well as this little sneak peek here.

We didn't have heating and now we have. You may have guessed it is underfloor heating so everyone is now lying on the floor. This photo included the dog, Bruce, before he passed away at the end of March but it is a happy memory for us.

We had scaffolding and now we haven't.

We are building a kitchen together.

We have some light fittings but no permanent electric.

We had a yard full of my long passed family's rubbish which we dragged out of farm sheds and now we haven't.

We collected 4.5 tonnes of scrap metal!!!!!!! which then paid for two other skips for builders rubbish(and a pom pom magazine subscription).

Areas of carnage are now restored to some order. This is a log store but no room for logs!

Things are getting there. Over Easter weekend bloke fitted a working toilet in the cloakroom. It is hard but every weekend someone gives us a hand (you know who you all are) and we are another step closer. Hope you have enjoyed a little update;messy but productive I like to think. Jo xxx


  1. Amazing Jo, what a difference! A working toilet and stairs are useful. I envy you for the underfloor heating, my feet are always very cold. I am breaking out in cold sweat just seeing the photo with all the little screws that will hold your kitchen together.... Have a really lovely week. xx

  2. Wow you've done so much, I expect a working toilet is luxury when you're without one. All the best with the next stage. Love the bluebells, a very cheerful feed picture, Cx

  3. Things come all in good time. lol. It looks amazing.

  4. I'm so impressed with you, Jo! What a labor of love! You'll be so happy in your new home once it is done.

  5. Ohhh, building a house is messy and such a huge, all-encompassing life event, but so worth it in the end. It all looks like it's going to be absolutely beautiful :)

  6. Phew, that looks like hard work. But at least you have the good weather ahead. By winter it will be lovely.

  7. Wow it is coming along. It will be amazing! x

  8. You've made some massive steps forward - I love seeing your progress!

  9. It is amazing Jo, well done on all the construction.