Thursday, 11 April 2019

Dancing - for a local charity in town which has a Big Busk of local performers all collecting for vulnerable and homeless people in the community. I am in a Tribal Belly dance group and I must say, it is as much fun as it looks!

Making - A new shell top from the most wonderful Michael Millar fabric

Getting - The keys for our new house once the doors were fitted. I made up a couple of key rings from four spare crochet squares I had left over from a baby blanket.

Eating - We dug out our fondue set. The children absolutely loved it!

Building - Starting to assemble our kitchen units. Sooooo many little pieces. I labelled each pile meticulously.

Wearing - Still wearing Dickies trousers most non work days!

Feeling - heartbroken that our dog Bruce had a seizure and had to be put down at the end of March. Our girls were devastated, they loved him to bits. I had grown to like him too, we had done all the hard puppy work and he had just become the dog we wanted him to be. He was only just two, it was too soon for him to go. There is a huge hole left in our family. I never knew this was what losing a pet felt like.

Buying - A subscription to Pom Pom magazine to cheer myself up.

Loving - That our girls built an impromptu table from flat packed kitchen packaging and set out a picnic while we carried on working.

Avoiding - Cleaning the cooker and grill...again!

Thinking - About a big idea to change how we live in our current three story house. Room changes, furniture moving and major de-cluttering is on my mind. The lounge is now a guest room and the contents of my sewing cupboard is alarming when all out on the spare bed but all is fine because it is about to move to its new home in the office...

Disliking - Disturbing all of our rubbish behind the sofa, under the beds and inside the cupboards.

Enjoying - A little Easter decor for our kitchen window

Sewing - A quick T-shirt from a £4 remnant of fabric on my overlocker and loving this sleeve length.

Fixing - So much broken stuff. Our house seems to be full of it at the moment.

 Deciding - Finally to take my sewing machine to the professionals. I have replaced all of the footplate parts which I damaged sewing with rubber swimwear elastic on a swimsuit toile about a month ago but no joy - off to the menders. More sewing will be done on Heidi's simple Necchi machine like the T-shirt because I simply can't live without sewing, it is not humanly possible for me.

Looking - Forward to happier times in April.


  1. Lovely post update Jo, thankyou for sharing your photos and news. Sorry to hear about your dog. I hope you find peace as you remember the good times. Take care Cx

  2. Dear Jo

    So sorry to hear about Bruce - he was only able to have such a short time with you. I am sure he had a lovely time though. It doesn't get any easier when you have to say goodbye.
    Perhaps everything happening with your new house is good for you all - it looks as though there is a light at the end of the tunnel now!
    Best wishes

  3. I am so sad to hear about Bruce. It is very upsetting to say goodbye to a pet, they do find a spot in our hearts, don't they? I am glad there is plenty of distraction to make the pain more bearable. Good news about the doors, now you don't need to worry about further break-ins. The fondue carried me right back to my childhood in Switzerland. I haven't had one in years! We don't even have a fondue set, how embarrassing for a bona fide Swiss! Thinking of you xx

  4. I always enjoy your posts and seeing your smiling face. I, too, am a dancer - though Egyptian folkloric rather than tribal. Condolences on the loss of your pup. Heart breaking, I know. Hugs.

  5. So sorry to hear the sad news about your pet dog. It looks like you have plenty of distractions to keep your mind occupied. Virtual hugs to you and the girls x

  6. so sorry to hear about Bruce, such a young age. April looks like its a busy month for you, that belly dance looks fab !

  7. A lovely post and I am sorry you have lost Bruce, dogs become such a part of your life no one can understand unless they experience it. We had a similar experience eleven years ago when we had to rush back from holiday with our dog, then only a year and a half. he had an unexplained illness and everything shut down. I do hope it doesn't put you off for good they do bring such joy. Loving all your gorgeous makes and it's so exciting that you have the keys to your house x

  8. So, so sorry to hear about your dog Jo. I bet you are all so sad. These babies have a way of just worming their way into our hearts and very much become members of our family. Sending you all a hug.

  9. Oh Jo, I am so sorry to hear about Bruce. That must be just awful, I would be in absolute bits, and the children and John would be even worse. And just when the hard part was over. I'm so sorry for your family, I hope the hole is shrinking slightly. xxx