Sunday, 12 August 2018


Making - An easy peasy crochet blanket from teeny weeny squares.

Eating - Wimbledon Cake: Genoese sponge, fresh cream and strawberries - Well done Big Sis a super light cake!

Growing - gooseberries, raspberries, blackcurrants,
courgettes, fennel and french beans.

Building - Taking delivery of lots of items for our new house: log burner, underfloor heating and a bathroom - but we don't have any windows!

Watching - My big girl get ready for Secondary School. She is keen, for now.

Loving - How much Big Sis loved her birthday presents. 

Disliking - Clutter!

Fixing - The back of the children's wardrobe and book case from over filling.

Getting - The children to sort out their stuff.

Considering - How much Little M has turned into a big girl, she doesn't seem so little now.
Enjoying - Dancing out with the Severn Sisters. I am at the back in Orange. 
Deciding - What to plant in the garden for late summer flowering.

Wearing - ALL of my summer clothes!

Buying - A new hair dryer before the other one burnt our house down. It was turning itself on and off on its own!

Wondering - How long the warm weather will last.

Thinking - About how much we enjoyed our beach break with family.

Wanting - To get back into scrap booking our family history. I have found some interesting documents in my dad's filing which I would love to record.

Feeling - Lighter with less stuff and objects to deal with.

Jo xxxx


  1. Lovely Jo, I feel happy reading about your happiness! x

  2. The last photo is lovely! I really like the mini crochet squares you’ve been making.

  3. Brilliant! I love your ing posts, looks like you are being super productive as ever. The produce looks yummy and the cake, good job Big Sis. x

  4. What a lovely post! I love that photo of all three of you, so cute! I've been thinking about making a blanket of tiny squares too, I've never done that before. I'm not sure if I have the stick-to-it power for it, though. I should just make a pile of them and see how I feel!

  5. You are so busy and full of life my friend. Lovely post today.

  6. Wowza, you've been busy! The dancing looks amazing.
    Mine all ironed their own shirts for secondary school too, iron it yourself or wear a jumper all day - they are your options! It worked, they all do all their own ironing now, it might hang around for weeks in the basket but it does all get done eventually!
    Turns out that you typing the words has jixed the summer and it's all over now!! Actually I hear it might return in a week or two, fingers crossed!

  7. You are a busy lady,what a lot you have achieved well done.Love your photos,what a happy family you are.Gorgeous fruit and veg,my friend has just given me two huge courgettes,love home grown.What does September hold !!! xxx

  8. Changing, everything's changing xxxx loving you pictures and updates. Hoping to see you soon xx

  9. So much going on but your happiness really did shine through.

  10. What an uplifting post. I have been spending some of my summer holiday documenting family history too. I'm back to the 17th Century with one branch of Londoners. I have French and German connections too -and many of my ancestors were in weaving and textiles, hence my love of crafting!

  11. I always enjoy your ing posts, and this is no exception. However, I am trying to not dwell on the envy I feel about your wonderful bee photo...since my attempts to get a good photo of a bee this summer were not so brilliant :) Well done, you! xx

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