Friday, 11 May 2018

Not a knitter?

Ever tried your hand, or should I say arm, at arm knitting? I needed a fast way to share a yarny craft experience with some non-knitters on a course I am running at the moment. It was quick and fun to do with no equipment requirements what so ever.

I watched a Youtube video here and chanced my arm. It was easy to make using Cygnet metallic seriously chunky left over from my girls hats. I ran the yarn twice to get the bulk required and used every last inch.

Out of the eight people at the class, six made scarves and the other three, who had babes in arms, made pom poms. I did not account for the fact that some people would not have both arms available!

Here are a couple of willing volunteers. They made them in about 35 minutes having never made anything before. They were very proud. The red one got a bit pulled as she kindly held a baby for another member of the group - the baby liked the feel of it too but the  tension of this knitting soon finds its place again. Arm in arm we helped each other along.

The more observant of you may have noticed that I have finished my crocheted dress... more on that later.

Can I twist your arm to have a go?
I am all out of arm idioms. Chat soon. Jo xxxxx


  1. Brilliant and that yarn is so soft I’ve seen it and felt it really squishy.

  2. That looks like so much fun! I don't think I am going to try this anytime soon as I have no chunky yarn at all and overspent my budget this month already.... I know, it is on the 11th.

    I did spot your crochet dress (tried to remember the relevant blogpost until the last paragraph). Looking forward to seeing it in its full glory.

    Have a fun weekend xx

  3. Looks like a lot of fun, particularly for a group activity. Looking forward to seeing the crochet dress, it looks amazing.

  4. Good stuff; it feels good to make things and you will have given a taster of that. I bet some of your students go on to learn knitting with needles now.

    Since you mentioned the crochet dress I am all impatient to see it! People are making some amazing crochet stuff to wear at the moment and it looks way more trendy than knitting. I find it really exciting to see it all. I have always thought it unfair that garments had to be all about the knitting. I thought that wasn't true and now I know it isn't. I think knitters just tend to be a comparatively staid lot (I knit and crochet and love both) and so don't necessarily find crochet wear for them. Tons of us do though. You always wear your makes with finesse, I bet you get loads of compliments for all of them.

    Might you ever be tempted to do vlogging/podcasting to show off all your stuff?

  5. This is such a great idea! I really like the your grey necklace.

  6. Sewing dressing and crocheting the too, you amaze me my friend!