Tuesday, 1 May 2018


Making - More of my WATG crochet dress

Eating -  Chicken turmeric and ginger kebabs with Salad

Cooking - A whole duck for the first time for friends eaten with cucumber strips and rice pancakes.

Wanting - A safe journey to France later in the month

Deciding - What to pack for our holidays. Bloke packs one bag, I pack three. Sound familiar?

Fixing - My favourite bracelet

Considering - How many more blocks to make on my crazy scraps quilt

Wearing - Sandals even if a little chilly. 

Enjoying - Our garden coming to life

Loving - returning to outdoor play and adventure

Disliking - World news events

Getting -  Really into quilt making, the possibilities are endless.

Buying - Some great things from the charity shop.

Wondering - What was happening in my local yarn shop at 8:20 at night? I am assuming it was a stock take and that they were not choosy yarn burglars.

Watching - All the sheep and lambs safely delivered on the farm

Thinking - About my dad

Feeling - Happy with our chosen life.


  1. Lovely photos as usual, I do enjoy these posts! I really like your bracelet.

  2. Lovely photos, great charity shop find I would wear those or are they for one of the girls? I have had sandals on once and I'm now back to tights and shoes, brave woman! The quilt block looks super it goes with the shoes ;) x

    1. Shoes for me, they are super spongy inside!

  3. I hope your dad is doing okay. Those shoes are great! What a find. I have NEVER seen anything like that in a shop here. NO WAY. Maybe I need to look more carefully!

  4. I am enjoying this lambing season too, such a joy to witness new life. I am not brave enough for sandals yet but love the idea. I too am enjoying the joys of quilting. Exciting times planning a trip, I am a tad envious.

  5. I am glad you are feeling happy with your chosen life.

    Love your charity shop find, what a bargain for a pair of never worn trainers. The colour is great. I have a pair of rainbow coloured ones on my birthday wish list and I know I am getting them because I had to order them myself :-) Can't wait.

    It is still yoyo-ing between winter and spring here, so dark this morning, and cold, too. Not much outdoor fun for us yet. The boys of course play football on the pitch all year round, hardy bunch.

    Love your new quilt block. Half square triangles are pure magic! xx