Friday, 4 May 2018

All done #20 Curtain Fabric

All done #20 has been a long time coming but today I can say that I have finally finished all of my curtain fabric scraps from the curtains I made in 2014! The fabric is 100% silk so I have been very careful with it. It was reduced from £37.99 to £7.50 a metre in a closing down sale.

Also a new bag of second hand goodies arrived this week which complimented it perfectly. It is from my friend who had the vintage blanket that I fixed for her. She used to work in the very posh upholstery/interiors shop where I bought the original fabric. She has some stuff to move on as she is moving house and she wanted to say thank you for my crochet job.

There was an unusual collection of bits and pieces. Some wonderful cotton ticking, upholstery fabric, full cotton reels, wooden flower buttons and much more...


I decided to spruce up the sofa a little. One of our cushions had burst which was fraying and there is always a bit of a bun fight for the one remaining cushion on a Friday night when we all watch TV for an hour together. I found a rectangle blank cushion behind the sofa waiting for a crochet cover but I used it for this project instead.

After a scruffy play around with my free motion applique foot to 'doodle' around the petal pieces, I had my final design.

The peacock fabric was in the bag along with some thick wadding: maybe some kind of thermal curtain lining?? It made the cushion really sturdy and steadied the applique. There was a zip in the bag so I went mad and added that too. I always do a fold over so a zip felt like a bit of a treat.

 The second one used nearly all of my curtain fabric left overs. I used up the last of the wadding with invisible thread to simply quilt the layers together. The linen piping was also in there; it was a like a lucky dip bag!

The last plain and simple one really did use the last square of fabric. It has all gone.

Two fold over cushions and a zipped one.

All done with my curtain fabric from 2014.

Jo xxxx


  1. Looking great Jo. No more cushion fights.

  2. I love this post my dear. Inspirational. Thank you for sharing your talents and your life.

  3. 'Use what you have,do what you can' is a good maxim I came across recently. All things start this way really, we all have access to different things we already own, have different price budgets or availability of shops to buy the exact same fabric the photo shows us on our pinterest boards. It leads to a great deal of frustration when we want the cushion just like the one on the blog or in the book we have. We very often can't have exactly that.

    Using what we do have (or perhaps can get) means we get to exercise our own creativity and uniqueness. Exactly what you have done here. So thanks for the cushion inspiration, what I have is quite different - so I wonder what the outcome will be? I love how your lucky-dip bag provided for you. Great job of putting it all together; lovely cushions.

  4. Brilliant idea Jo. I love how you paired the curtain fabric with the turquoise and added the blanket. It all comes together beautifully. Great job as always my friend!

  5. It all looks beautiful, wonderful additions to your cosy home. Loved the wooden button, set my heart a flutter!

  6. These are gorgeous! I really love the appliqué you added.

  7. Such a lovely range of cushion styles. Well done for using the last of that beautiful silk.

  8. Such a lovely trio of cushions, Jo. The brighten the sofa beautifully. Shame about the pillow fights,though :-)

  9. One fantastic lucky dip bag :-) In my hands nothing would have come out of it of course but with your magic touch and creative eye, hey pronto, a set of most beautiful cushion covers. xx

  10. Amazing! It is so lovely how cushions can transform a sofa and yours look fab. What a treat getting a bag of goodies too, I was given a box of cotton by an old lady a few years ago, I'm still using some of them now. x