Tuesday, 29 May 2018

A quilt called 'Summer'

People may think that to make a quilt topper or start some machine patchwork you need huge bags of scraps or a lifetimes collection of fat quarters but there are designs that use very little fabric meaning you can choose something you really love. Using a combination of solid and patterned fabric in a half square triangle (HST)design a very effective pinwheel block can be achieved.

Here, I have chosen three poplin fat quarters, one in each colourway, from the camelot beyond the backyard collection at Minerva. The fabric is a beautiful quality and matches well with their cerise and white solid poplin

Here is the full colour range. Very striking and just right for a not too girly girl. I love the retro 1960's pattern

To make this block you need to follow the cutting list below in cm:

4 16 x 16cm squares in patterned fabric
2 16 x 16cm squares in pink fabric
2 16 x 16cm squares in white fabric
8 15.5 x 15.5 squares as border fillers in white fabric

You need 1m of cerise, 3 fat quarters in pattern and 1.5m of white filler

Place a patterned piece right sides together with a solid piece. Draw a line diagonally from corner to corner then mark a sewing line 0.5cm either side of the centre line.

Sew the two sewing lines each side of the centre line.

Cut the centre line and press out your half square triangles. If you use white fabric ensure you press your seams to the patterned side to stop them showing through.

Lay out the block in four rows to make the design. Sew each row together then sew the four strips together and give it a final press. To make a generous cot bed or small single sized quilt you need to make 6 of these pinwheels.

It has has been backed with pieces of cotton and contains safe wadding. The binding is ready made and picks out the jade green colour but you could choose whatever binding you like.

I used my walking foot for the first time. It made great quilting seams through the layers without any bunching. A brand new needle is also a good tip before you start.

Experimenting with solid colours in quilting allows the patterned fabrics to really shine and you really don't need many of them to make a statement. This fabric was a great retro choice.

This is a scheduled post as I am away on holiday. The fabric was sent to me by Minerva and the opinions are all my own.


  1. I do love your quilts! This one is stunning, I love the contrast between the pink and blue,

  2. Another great quilt! These large pinwheels are really pretty, and they stand out beautifully in the plain background. I do love a half square triangle, there is so much potential for fantastic patterns. x

  3. Brilliant Jo! It is just wonderful, and not too busy which I just love. COngrats ona beautiful quilt.

  4. Jo that quilt is absolutely fabulous it all goes together really well I love the green binding. Well done.

  5. Beautiful. I love how the red and the printed fabric are so striking against the white. Your quilting and binding are really well done. Nice work.

  6. That's really lovely. I have been looking for a quilt project and I think this is the one for me to have a go at