Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Knickers, Quick, Tick!

Tick! I have been able to tick off one of my new years resolutions for 2017 this week. Quickly and successfully, I have made three pairs of knickers. The personalised pattern I had been working on during 2017 is all confirmed. Cut. Sew. Ta dah! Three pairs in 90 minutes.

I have found some firm favourites during this sewing marathon. I like a high leg, fold over elastic for the leg arcs and jersey fabric. I have used up nearly all of the odd bits of elastic, lace and suitable fabric I had for experimenting with. This fabric was a small piece of jersey donated along with the wool haul I had last week.

I can start 2018 buying just the right supplies to keep me in underwear indefinitely. 

I enjoyed having a bit of variety to play with: the ric rac and two different widths of stretch lace elastic to explore knicker depth and fold over or picot elastic for the legs. They are super comfy and pretty to wear.

The phrase I usually use sounds a little creepy with this content: but thanks for looking!

Jo xxx


  1. You’re right Jo it did sound a bit weird. However a very nice project and really pretty. Well done.

  2. I'm happy to look. Tee hee! :) These are so cute. You're very clever. I hope they're comfy and fun to wear!

  3. Not creepy at all. It is sensible knickers after all, not some weird latex creations :-)
    A tried and tested knicker pattern: what more does a girl need? Love your creativity. Always.
    I've cut a pair of knickers out but have not been able to go near my sewing machine for two weeks. x

  4. these are super cute! and that's so funny that you've fulfilled a new years resolution! Now you know how fun and quick they can be I'm sure you'll become as addicted to making them as I am i.e.. very :)

  5. Well done Jo! They look so pretty and comfortable.