Friday, 10 November 2017

Everyday Nowhere

Trust me folks, I am making something everyday but for as long as my blog has been alive, I have never had nothing to show you but today we have reached that milestone. 

I have nothing to show you. I don't really have any thoughts to share with you either. To avoid moaning I will just say that work, home, family, illness and events are all bulging at the seams. My sewing seams are not bulging though; I have had a jacket on my dress stand untouched for four weeks.

My crafty soul is being tended to with knitting at the moment. I am in that sort of mood where I don't care who I knit for or what I knit as long as the end of everyday casts off with some restful knitting.

I had another bag of yarn given to me by a work colleague last Saturday along with some super cute vintage baby buttons. The original contents of the box filled the table but I sorted it out straight away and really thought about what I might use rather than simply hoarding it all. I took a baby knitting bag of yarn to my neighbour and the rest to the charity shop.

I just want to knit and knit and knit...

We are off to stay with family this weekend and I sure am looking forward to it. I will get rested up, try and kick this sinus cold and catch up with you guys next week. Have a good weekend all. 
Jo xxx


  1. I hope you can recharge your batteries over the weekend and of course I hope that life soon gets back on gentler tracks. xx

  2. Much as I love all forms of sewing I am a dedicated knitter, no day is complete without at least a few rounds. There is never any yarn in the charity shops here, but then there are very few yarn shops. I do manage to pick up a few bargains at Deb's wool shop and there is always wool warehouse.

  3. Still looks as if there’s plenty there though Jo. Intrigued by the sock knitting.

  4. Well you just showed us some stuff today too - doesn't have to be finished. Actually I am amazed that you make everyday but please don't feel pressured to do anything for us readers. Come as you are, you are certainly happily received. We are lucky that you think of us and share anything at all.

    I like that yarn in the first pic - looks interesting. Enjoy your knitting time.

    Do consider taking time out to give yourself tlc and a bit of break when you can, is time well spent - you are worth the time and care you give to others. Hope those added pressures will be off you soon. Happy weekend!

  5. So very sad to feel your suffering through your writing today. You are an inspiration to so many of us, hoping you are feeling your usual self soon and whatever is troubling you soon passes. ((hugs))

  6. it's good to just leave it sometimes,although by the pics you have stuff on the go.I do hope you and the family have a good weekend and that YOU get some rest and relaxation,let somebody wait on you YES.I am STILL making the baby bobble blanket lol,it is half done tho and got loads of prjects to do for dare I say it,Christmas.hugs xxx

  7. I completely understand, Jo. I'm having trouble getting things done just now myself, but it will be okay again soon, I'm sure. You should make sure you get lots of rest and take care of yourself, or better yet - let others take care of you! Hang in there. Hugs from afar.

  8. I understand Jo, a t least you have posted I frankly neglected my blog for two weeks as we were busy and ill. I did not have time to jot down a post let alone read any. Hope you are all well.

  9. Mercy! So sorry you had cause to moan! Good rest and lots of knitting sound brilliantly curative! xx