Monday, 6 November 2017

Poncho Crochet

Are they in? Are they out? No one ever really knows but I have made myself a poncho. 

The wool was a mahoosive 500g ball of acrylic/wool aran which was picked up in January at work after we had a haul of wool donated to the education centre. The caretaker kept some for the Age Concern knit and natter group but they did not have room to store it all so we were allowed to take some home if we thought we would use it. Of course I would use it! 

I started off using this pattern but as is my way, I very quickly went off piste and just made it up as I went along because I didn't understand the transition row between the yoke and the main part.

So I started messing around, in more ways than one, to create a pattern that made the increases along with a subtle pattern change.

I made chain 1, double crochet 1 for a few rows and then did a row of half trebles to make the increases. This got bigger each time I did it. Do you see, I started with one row of half trebles, then two then three and so on. This enabled me to get a wide enough opening to move my arms freely.

I had second thoughts about the tassels and then decided that it wasn't a proper poncho without them. It used every scrap of yarn from the ball. In fact, some tassel groups only had 3 strands instead of 4!

In my head ABBA is playing. It is very cosy for working at the computer in our office. 

I must turn my attentions to some knitting disasters for a while, I have a pile of things that have gone wrong and making a poncho is not really getting to the crux of the matter.

Jo xxx


  1. Warm and snuggly! Perfect. Just perfect.

  2. Love the ABBA vibe :-) Also need one of those, my office is freezing cold. Hope you get your knitting disasters sorted. I need to untangle six balls of wool that fell in the dog's path.... I was really cross with that beast today when I came home from work. xx

  3. I don't know if they are in or out either. All I know is that recently I've got a big thing about them. I think they look pretty trendy myself, especially those with a seventies vibe. There are some fantastic ones out there, including an etsy one that is ready to go and is just perfect colours. However, I can/should make one myself. I actually think I could do one without a pattern as I have come to understand the design principles (not something that usually happens to me).

    I love yours, it looks snug and cosy around the neck without being a full high polo neck and has got interesting stitch patterns too. Loving the fringe - ponchos definitely require fringe/tassels/pompoms etc. I really need one of these.

  4. I think by computer, you probably mean IBM Selectric typewriter or similar. Ha. I love your poncho! It looks very nice on you. I don't know if they're in or out either, but I've been thinking about making one for my daughter, who is always chilly. You did a great job, especially since you needed to improvise some of the design. I hate when that happens, but in the end, I always feel a little impressed with myself when it actually works!

  5. I love everything about this - the colour, the button, the design.

  6. Thats fab, I love the colour.

  7. I think they are in judging by the amount of women I've seen in them recently.
    Top marks for improvisation, I'd have abandoned it! It looks lovely and warm.

  8. I love it,it really suits you too.great colour clever you.xx

  9. Gorgeous. I know what you mean about "in or out?" But just go for it, it's lovely autumnal wear.

  10. Who cares if it is in or not, perfect for extra warmth while at the keyboard. I really like the colour. I now have a strange urge to crochet a poncho. Now see what you've started!

  11. It's gorgeous Jo, I'm so impressed by the way you added the pattern rows in there. I think poncho's are a classic aren't they? Always a little bit in style.

    1. Hi Jo, I just sopped by again to let you know your lovely poncho is one of the features at Handmade Monday :-)

  12. Ahhhh, I do love the result of your messing around, Jo. I am more keen on the idea of making a poncho after fiddling around wearing shawls that insist on shirking their duty of staying on my shoulders to keep them warm :) xx