Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Gift Making

Hey folks! I am feeling much better; I rested up over the weekend. I did not know how poorly I was until I didn't feel like that anymore. This week I am taking it easy on the home, house, family front - if it is on the floor,then it might have to stop there for a while. Today I did a half day and then promised myself some sewing. 

Little doorstops were already cut out and ready to go. 

These little door stops were easy to make. They have bags of rice inside to weigh them down. It is just a triangle sewn on to a cone shape and then gathered at the bottom.

The base is an interfaced circle which has been satin stitched on the machine then hand sewn over the hole. 

The pattern came from this book. It has some nice present ideas in but the instructions are not always very clear. They feel like they have been translated into English therefore a little disjointed in places, however if you see it in a bargain bin for a pound it is definitely worth it for the ideas.

Just getting back into the flow... Hope you are all well. Jo xxxx


  1. They're so cute! I love the beaks on them. I think I've seen that book around. Maybe it came up in a suggested title on Amazon based on other book purchases? I don't remember. It looks nice, though. I'm so glad you feel better. Take care and take it easy!

  2. They are cute, I love the colours and the beaks - they have personality. What a useful thing to have, door stops! Look after yourself, Jo, and take it easy. x

  3. I love these, they are so cute and make perfect presents.

  4. These are sweet, you've made them beautifully.
    Talking about instructions not being very clear...I decided to embark upon that scarf your daughter made ( the similar pattern that you linked to) It took me three attempts to get going! Now 15 rows in and fingers crossed. x

  5. Oh those are so sweet Jo well done. So glad that you’re feeling better.

  6. Great idea, I like the neutral fabric paired with the print. Glad you are feeling a bit better. x

  7. These door stops are going to make someone very happy, Jo, they are super sweet. Good to hear you are feeling better.

  8. OOoh Love these,so cute and clever.So glad you are beginning to feel a lot better.Huggles

  9. So glad you are feeling better and pacing yourself to make full recovery, Jo! The door stops make me cute and practical and well made! Thanks for sharing. xx