Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Quick Make Oven Gloves

My girl is a keen cook. Her victoria sponge is to die for. She follows instructions meticulously. She hates it when I cook and add or change things. If it said, "wear your hair in plaits before opening the oven door," she would do it! I have made her some oven mitts to stay safe and feel confident.

She is allowed to put things in and out of the oven when I am there and she likes that. She is nine.

I used up the rest of the fat quarters which I won in a competition. I used the dark green for the palm side and the white for the top. I could see no other use for mallard duck printed fabric. 
It has all gone now. Phew!

The pattern is from Gingercake here. They are lined and padded. 
That is what I made today. Jo x

PS: After school baking - peanut cookies with Christmas sweets pushed in the centre while they were still warm.  Yes, we still have chocolate leftover on the 1st February!


  1. And now you should rest :-) I have made nothing yet.
    I love kids working in the kitchen, an essential life skill. Good bakers are accurate bakers I always think so well done young lady! I am not a good baker because I think a changer here and there won't matter. The oven mitts are fab. My mum had cushions made with mallard duck fabric like yours, I wonder where these went? Have a great day my friend. x

  2. I think the fabric is nice and could see duckies on a cushion in my living room :)

    Lovely mitts and so nice that your daughter is being encouraged so sensibly. That was my own mother's attitude I think. I am much more anxious about such things and as a result did not pass on my skills. Your way is so much better! Long may your daughters enjoy you sharing your own talents with them. You can't beat what we learn from our Mum's, especially in a relaxed and happy way.

  3. p.s. The teacher in you will no doubt be annoyed at that silly apostrophe I used in error! Sorry about that.

    1. Giggling a bit! Thanks for your lovely encouraging comments. Jo x

  4. What a great idea. I rather like the mallard print material.

  5. Looks oven gloves look fabulous and the biscuits look super scrummy!

  6. What a lovely way for your daughter to learn and to have quality time with her. Love the mallard fabric, I saw a chair covered in similar fabric at the garden centre it looked amazing, but I didn't like the price.

  7. What a great idea to have mallard mitts!! A lovely thing for your daughter to use and a lovely way to use the fabric! All good. Oh and a lovely way to use the chocolate too!!

  8. Hi Jo, I've been missing your posts lately. For some reason, I'm not seeing the new ones come up in my feed. Sorry about that. It's always something. I love the mitts! They're going to be well-loved, I am sure. Her cookies look delicious. We still had HALLOWEEN candy until a few days ago, it was ridiculous. Now Valentine's Day is coming and I know they'll bring home a whole bag of candy from school. I will probably let them choose five pieces to keep and send the rest to work with my husband. I don't know if kids get so much candy over there but here it's out of control. I hope you're all doing well!

  9. All mine love baking, my ten year old is now a dab hand and can even cook tea (simple things like beans on toast or scrambled egg) unaided! Gives them such a sense of achievement. Well done Her for are cooking and you for the selfless make! Louise xx