Friday, 24 February 2017

Multi-tasking Trousers

Oh the irony of making trousers to make trousers in. I plan to wear this set whilst sewing clothes so that I can keep trying on a garment easily without being caught out answering the door in my pyjamas! My Minerva make this month is a very useful one. 

Technically, I believe they are called lounge pants however I have always resisted the whole pyjama-all-day-long thing. It never really did anything for me. I like to get dressed and get out there!

But... when I get in from work after wearing tights all day I just want to put on some comfy trousers to sit and do an evening yarn project. This month Minerva sent me this fabulous heavy Ponte Roma knit fabric which is cosy but has a slight stretch. It comes in 22 colours! They are so much more than pyjama bottoms and now that I own a pair I can think of a gazillion different uses for them. This is the tried and tested list so far:

1. to knit or crochet in at night time 
2. to take the girls swimming when I swim too
3. to do my physio exercises in
4. to wear to belly dance practise when it is too cold to have my midriff out in the draughty village hall
5. to pop to the shops at 8pm at night because we have no milk
6. Once used to drop the children off at school giving the impression that I was off to some yoga class afterwards, which I wasn't.
7. to put on when we get back all muddy from the farm or a walk
8. to have a really good go at tidying and cleaning the house to the point of exercise
9. Nipping next door to 'borrow' an onion

Honestly, the possibilities are endless. 

The pattern is McCall's M7331. It is styled as much smarter wear than I am using them for. I made the bottoms into a straighter leg. The waistband is deep and comfortable when sitting down. The bottoms have been washed twice because I made those first and the fabric does not bobble at all.

Here is a little optical illusion for you to try. If you can use a twin needle on your machine, thread one spool in a darker thread and use that as the outside colour. It gives the illusion of a shadow where you have attached the neck binding BUT you haven't attached anything, you have just turned it over once. 

Can you tell I love my comfy trousers? Jennifer at Thistlebear said she loved wearing 'ponte pants' (great phrase!) and I can totally see where she is coming from.

Happy lounging or any other activity you think you 
could complete successfully in these comfy trousers.

Jo xxx


  1. They are wonderful, perfect for comfort when travelling long distances too.

  2. Wow Jo they are really super. The fit the style and the colour. Well done you.

  3. Your outfit is brilliant Jo. I might wear it everyday it looks so comfy.

  4. You did a brilliant job here Jo. Such a good fit and so flattering. I'm in awe of your sewing skills and your productivity.
    Jacquie x

  5. This looks like a very comfier set but is definitely smart enough to wear out and about!

  6. I love comfy trousers too and always put jogging bottoms on when I get in from work in the evening. Actually I borrow John's. They look awful but they're so comfy. I think I need a pair like yours though, they're a million times more stylish!