Friday, 3 February 2017

Beaded Sedge Stitch Crochet Cowl

Here we are again busting through some more of my stash this week. It has taken me about two weeks to make a crochet cowl. It is made in sedge stitch and finished with a random selection of buttons and broken necklace collections. 

It is made in one continuous piece and twisted twice on wearing. The yarn is Katia Tupa which is 50& Merino and 50% silk, perfect for neckwear. I had 2 skeins left over from my crochet tunic I made last year. 

Sedge stitch is worked over three stitches. You do one double crochet, one half treble and one treble all in the same stitch then repeat after skipping two stitches. You can see a picture tutorial here.

The last teeny bit made a little brooch to go with it.

Now, if you are wondering where to find the pattern I am afraid I made it up as I went along. I chained 198 (a multiple of three) and just did the sedge stitch until the wool nearly ran out. Then made a chain border to add the buttons and beads. The flower is the first two petal rounds of my flower tutorial on the right hand sidebar.

Used 2 skeins of wool
66 odd white buttons
66 odd beads
1 brooch pin
1 flower centre button

Bought nothing, gained a gift. I'm entering my second month without buying craft stuff. This one is going in my present box.

Thanks for dropping by. Jo xx


  1. Jo I love it, the addition of the buttons and beads are a delight. Inspirational.

  2. lovely! I am so tempted but I have made too many cowls as I love them so much. This one is so pretty though....

  3. I will have to try the Sedge Stitch. I love the cowl.

  4. So beautiful. Wish I could crochet. Lucky person who finds that in her parcel. xx Well done on the not buying any craft stuff. so far this year i have bought two sets of dungaree clips but no fabric... yet!

  5. Very pretty! I've never tried the sedge stitch. I should really give it a shot, it's so different and pretty. You're doing great with that stash!!!

  6. Ah Jo, you are fab. I am not so good with using up stash. I hide it for a long time, then give it away. A silky cowl sounds ever so luxurious, you should treat yourself to it xx

    1. It is lovely yarn, but I have one of these cowls already! I have given away quite a bit of craft stuff lately and it has felt reeeaaally good. Jo x

  7. I am trying to return to the land of blogging Jo, love all that you have been making. This cowl is gorgeous, the beads/buttons add so much fun to it.

  8. It's really beautiful Jo, the beads are so pretty.
    I love the fact you made it from left overs too - so basically a lovely cowl for free!

  9. This is so lovely! Don’t know if you will see this comment, as it is such an old post - but, could I ask how the beads and buttons are attached? Thank you very much!