Monday, 6 February 2017

Crochet On The Go

I love a portable crochet project. This little bag gets emptied and filled with all sorts of crochet projects which get taken with me to a variety of places. Monday is laundry day so it always comes with me for half an hour while I dry a weeks worth of washing. 

I sometimes throw it in my work bag for a little quiet crochet at lunchtime which doubles up as always being in the car if I get to school a bit early to pick up the children.

This yarn is Stylecraft Stars which is left over from a jumper my mum made for Heidi this Christmas. Ironically, it is perfect for making crocheted stars as Christmas decorations. The pattern is from Attic 24. I starched and blocked each one to stop the points curling at the edges.

Ta dah! These are going in my present box for friends and family.

Thanks for stopping by. I never did see the levi guy!


  1. I never get lucky and meet the levi guy either... Great garland.

  2. Don't worry about not meeting the Levi guy. He's probably old and wrinkly now. Love the stars though they look great.

  3. Great way to use your time! The stars are lovely and I am sure that the new owner will love them too. Do many people talk to you when you are crocheting in public? I get lots of questions which is nice, hope you do too!

  4. Ha ha, I can tell you for free that you won't find the Levi guy if you hang out in Broseley Launderette! You may find a few dodgy Mac guys xx

    1. There was a man who talked at me non stop even though I was crocheting yesterday! x

  5. This is great! What a lovely project :) I always tell myself I need to learn how to crochet but annoyingly never seem to get round to it!