Thursday, 29 September 2016

Skinny Jeans Burda 7863

Currently this blog is seeing the end of lots of projects started at the beginning of the Summer. Eventually, here are my skinny jeans. I have stayed away from this style for a long time but have finally succumbed. When I try them on in the shops I find the waist is always too big for the hip size required for my derriere. However, what would happen if I made them in a really stretchy cord I thought? I really like using cord at this time of year, you may have noticed...

I bought this fabric from in the sale. They often have interesting stretch fabrics in their sale. I guess people are a bit more wary of sewing with stretch but I have practiced with it a bit now and am not frightened. The stretch is 40%. You find it out by measuring 10cm of fabric on the stretch grain, then stretch it as far as it will go. My 10 cm turned out to go to 14cm so it has 40% stretch. Little tip there for you.

I made some adjustments to the Burda 7863 pattern:
  • Took 2cm out of the front and back seat depth as my last two pairs from this pattern were too high waisted.
  • Did not interface the waistband to keep it stretchy.
  • Omitted the belt loops to make them smooth enough to wear with a tunic
  • Took a stack out of the back waist yoke for the right hip:waist ratio
  • My mum pinned out the legs for me so that I did not have baggy knees
  • Generally, I kept sewing and trying on, sewing and trying on.


I am really pleased with them. I think I have a few centimeters of bum wrinkling (I'm not a perfectionist)but that might just be my bottom! You can bend, stretch, squat and run up and down the stairs and they just keep recovering. I think they will fit into my Autumn wardrobe well with some of my other makes - Victoria shawl, sock yarn scarf, Mathilde blouse, spotty vintage hepburn collar blouse and a gaggle of coco long sleeved T-shirts - the list is seemingly endless.

These jeans took me ages, all of the summer holidays in fact, tiny little stages completed during the whole six weeks and a final push this week to finish and hem them. 
'You can eat a whole cow - a bit at a time!'

Jo xxx

PS. I bought a new camera so no blurry bum photos today. Hooray!


  1. A brilliant make, Jo, and looks lovely on you. I love the color.

  2. Looking fab, as always! Love your red cord fabric. I'd love a pair of skinny trousers one day. I doubt I'll get to the stage of being able to sew my own, unless I go to a class. x

  3. They really do look good, I love the fabric. Not sure that I would ever be competent enough to make something like that but they are a great make.

  4. Jo they look lovely and they do seem to go with everything. Well done slowly slowly wins the race. Skinny jeans however would be no good for me with my skinny legs I'd end up looking like Max Wall.

  5. Red cord is beautiful. Look at your patience! If I couldn't get them done in one day, I'd be out of there like a shot. Wear them with pride!

  6. They are a really good colour and go really well with the clothes you featured. Now its getting colder you just want to cover up but your jeans are still smart enough to dress up. x

  7. Well fitted, cheery and versatile color and style, Jo, and yay for the new camera :) xx

  8. They look amazing! I love cord at this time of year too! I have never thought of using stretch cord though and I really do need to be brave and attempt trouser making!

  9. Lovely fabric and colour, they look great on you. In awe of your sewing skills!

  10. Scrumptious colour, what great jeans. Such a great fit.

  11. I think they are perfect! Well done with the sewing, the alterations, the color and fabric. They are a big winner. Now get started on another pair before you forget how to make them.

  12. What a great job you hard to get the perfect fit jeans and you did it! Well done for persevering with all the sewing, altering and fitting. Such good news about your new camera too!
    Happy weekend Jo.
    Helen xox

  13. They are gorgeous and they look incredible on you! I'd like some in charcoal grey, that would suit my autumn wardrobe very nicely. :-) xx