Sunday, 18 September 2016

Enjoying the weather

A few pictures of our weekend, enjoying the weather, preparing for the next chapter of the year and our new family livestock.

I picked more blackberries.

 My dad bought some Hebridean sheep for the farm to graze the grass.

Little M is trying to pet them but they were more interested in the lush grass.

Bloke installed the old log burner in the new cabin.

Little M thought she had found the best marshmallow stick ever until she realised one was getting burnt while the other two remained raw!

It got too hot for the girls so I helped out with the toasting while laughing because I couldn't get up off the floor without the treat starting to slide off the stick!!

Big Sis made little bowls and models from clay exposed on the lower fields.

On Sunday we made our usual weekend National trust visit, this time a mile walk away at Benthall Hall

Savoring the dappled sunshine.

Happy Days! Have a great week one and all. Jo xxx


  1. Glad you are enjoying the weather ♥

  2. Sounds idyllic. We are going to stroll down the lane this morning to pick some blackberries, hopefully enough for jam. Take care.

  3. Lovely photos glad to see the log burner is in you'll need it soon. The sheep look fabulous ever thought of spinning??? Where did the log burner go? On the back wall or between the Windows? Great idea from little M she does have an eye for detail. The faces look good by big Sis. Thanks for sharing your weekend.

    1. Back wall in the end Jackie, sometimes you just can't sweat the small stuff! I am over it now! Jo x

  4. Happy days indeed! The photos are prove of this :-) xx

  5. such fun pictures.. i am looking forward to marshmallow roasting and hot coco season

  6. Sheep! Picture perfect! Before long I can see you and the girls taking the wool that is shorn, cleaning it, drying it and spinning it! So glad you had a great weekend! xxxx

  7. You make me happy just reading your blog my friend.