Thursday, 22 September 2016

Minerva Fleece

My big girl is growing, upwards mainly. She has long arms and legs. We were due a dressing gown reshuffle here where everyone moves up a size. In the 'growing-up box' of clothes we collect from like minded friends, there was not a longer version for Big Sis so this month I chose some fleece from Minerva to make a dressing gown.

The fleece was so soft and fluffy. I chose a coordinating cotton for the cuffs, pocket and belt. I made the sleeves really long so you can see them now turned over to their full depth but I over locked the edge which looks neat until they need turning down.

It was really easy to make from an Ottobre magazine pattern. The pattern was in fact lined cotton but I just used the fleece on its own using the pattern shapes. You can get a free dressing gown pattern on Pinterest here.

I used my overlocker to sew the fleece together and finish the edges at the same time then used my machine to do the five rows of top stitching detail along the front bands. Don't be put off though, fleece does not fray so you can just sew it on a regular machine all over no problem.

The belt is sewn on in one straight seam in the centre back to stop it getting lost.

Now you have to say what all mums say, "You'll be fine, you'll grow into it!" She loves it and lays it on top of her duvet at night. Little M got a little jealous with her hand-me-down, so you guessed it, I had to make another one but they were a quick sew.


All sorted for dressing gowns now for the chillier nights,thanks Minerva.
Jo xxx

PS. I made these the week before the summer holidays started way back in July, I have not been sewing 24 hours a day in case it seemed impossible to believe I made them this week!


  1. What a clever Mum. These are lovely and will get a lot of use every day.

  2. Those are both lovely and nice to know that your girls are such fans of your sewing too

  3. They look super and don't the girls look so grown up in those. Lovely patterns on the fabrics too.

  4. The little one probably wasn't jealous so much as wistfully admiring. The little one in the family can get a bit left out, and be the last in the loop to know things/have things. Nice dressing gowns.

  5. They are beautiful, love the fleece fabric.

  6. Jo, you are such a good, Mum!! Your love hugs your girls each time they put on their cozy pretty robes. Thanks for giving us some pointers on how to sew the robes...the sewn on belt is a brilliant idea!! xxxx

  7. You are an amazing Mum Jo, those girls look adorable.

  8. They are lovely, I bet your girls love having such unique clothes and nightwear. xx

  9. I love the picture of Little M standing on her feet. She looks so cute! And fleece dressing gowns are so cute and warm.