Monday, 4 April 2016

Variegated yarn

I fell out of love with variegated yarn when I made this mash up of a cardigan last year. Then I saw this yarn by Cygnet yarns and fell in love all over again. 

It sits in all its glory on my new Yarn Butler given to me by my aunt and uncle. A spinning device on ball bearings that has such a smooth flow and action as I pull gently on the yarn to reveal the next colour run.

The yarn is called Boho Spirit and this shade is named Chic 6385. It comes in other brighter shades that are all beautiful too. It is so soft and the colour runs are really gradual so the knitted effect is perfect.

I am knitting a Shizuku scarf by Angela Tong. A pattern on Ravelry. I have knitted it many moons ago before I recorded my projects. It calls for thicker yarn but this yarn although marked as aran, acted more as a DK. This meant I got a soft delicate scarf which I will pop in my present box for a friend.

The droplets are knitted as you go and make it fun to stay on task, they do however need blocking with a gazillion pins, then I ran out and used needles and lastly a sewing machine needle I spy there.

This scarf used exactly one ball. The colour runs helped me to gauge when to start the decrease and have, as good as, a symmetrical colour wave from start to end. I had never really given cygnet yarn a look in before but this was totally gorgeous.

I have another ball - I'm going to try something else now. 
I wonder what it will be?

Love Jo xxx


  1. Cygnet do some pretty decent yarns at a reasonable price, although I've not spotted Boho Spirit yet........the colour variations are lovely and make a pretty scarf. I'm using some Cygnet Aran in a beautiful deep chocolate shade to knit the Flax sweater by Tin Can Knits and the yarn feels lovely and soft. Love the yarn butler.

  2. It really was beautiful, the colours are amazing. I am a little in love with the yarn butler such a great gift.

  3. It is a lovely scarf Jo, and will be a treasured present. I have a gift bin going myself, filling it up with presents for Little Buddy's therapists for Christmas. I have two items in it already!

  4. The colours are beautiful and do flow so nicely don't they, a beautiful shawl! I love the look of your yarn butler too! xx

  5. Hi Jo,

    I love variegated yarn!!! Your scarf looks perfect, love the colours!!! Great pattern, too!

    Ingrid xx

  6. How funny. I have literally 30 seconds ago read a facebook post about a yarn butler. Never seen one before! I do love a good coincidence! Would you recommend one ? I can't decide whether to add one to my birthday list :D

  7. Wow that is STUNNING!!! xxx

  8. Knitted droplets and your type of yarn butler are new to me, Jo. Thanks for showing me both, along with your lovely new scarf, and your helpful review of the yarn you used. xxxxx

  9. This is beautiful. I saw another similar shaped scarf on instagram just this morning with a fringe type edging and thought how beautiful it is and now I see yours - it must be destiny and I will now be forced to add this to my "to do" list!