Monday, 25 April 2016


Shhh!I don't tell anyone, I keep it a secret but I make my OWN curtains. You have to keep that sort of toxic information to yourself otherwise people seem to think that you would wish to give up your evenings for nothing and make them cheaper curtains. I am due to make a new curtain for the cabin - it is my least favourite sewing job.(notice I call it a job not a project!)

Hence this narrative continues with how I roped in Big Sis. I needed another pair of hands. Curtain sewing is so much easier with another person on the other end of the tape measure or holding the weight of the curtain as it goes through the machine and this was a perfect apprentice job. Because these are for the new cabin, they are a single door curtain so there was no matching of hems for me to stress about. Also we needed a bit of a sibling break this weekend with the right-handers sticking together.

I even let her do the pattern join down the centre because it was not critical but it felt like a really important job to her.

The fabric was a donation from a work colleague who was re-homing her 92 year old mother in an annexe at her home and some of her belongings were being sorted out to save space. I had the lining and some contrasting hem fabric too. Perfect pattern for the countryside cabin.

I put my apprentice inside the curtain to push the points out on the top corners - she really loved helping and learning. We just need a cabin now to hang them up and show you. That is next weekends big job so stay tuned.

As for the left-handers in the sibling separation afternoon, they made cakes in the kitchen and we were treated to these beauties.

I have started to prepare the handover of this curtain making skill because although I love them both dearly, I don't ever want my girls to come and ask me, "Mum, can you make me some curtains?"

Thanks for stopping by. 

Do you secretly make curtains or secretly eat chocolate cake?


  1. I have made curtains and blinds in the past if the window is fairly small. I love how you can choose the perfect material very easily. Can't wait to see yours in situ.

  2. Hi Jo, Thanks for sharing, I loved reading this. It's never too soon to let children learn something for themselves. :)

    Ingrid xx

  3. I've not made curtains for years. The last pair I were for a nursery and were gingham. The cost of fabric puts me off now. The fabric you were given is beautiful & your daughters like you will have those skills for life xx

  4. I actually take things a step further. I don't admit to making anything. I did in fact end up making curtains for a friend once. I hate making them and it was even worse doing it for someone else, very stressful in fact.

    I never admit to making anything because I was also once asked to make a dress for someone because they liked mine. I was a teenager and had cobbled together my own pattern. I have no idea how I approached making one for my acquaintance, as sizing wise it needed to be bigger than my own. I was much more gung ho then and just did it somehow.

    Life is too short for making things for other people when I would rather make for me and mine. Hence I stay quiet. The other thing I find annoying is the constant 'did you make that' and although it was amusing how often that was said when I didn't or that no one asked when I did, I really didn't like the attention.

    I think you are really passing on excellent skills to your children, it takes a lot of patience to do that but is so worth it if you can.

    I did secretly eat chocolate bars (rather than cake) which is how I got to be an overweight teenager and no one could understand why.

  5. I did make curtains once...they were dreadful. I do line ready-mades though, much easier. Frankly I'd rather eat chocolate cake. Your girls will thank you for those skills you are passing on, one day.

  6. IF they ask I'm sure you will make them curtains, how could you ever say no to those cuties?

  7. Busy weekend then Jo. Simply love the fabric snowdrops are my favourite flowers. Well done big Sis you are getting to be a very accomplished seamstress. Those chocolate cake pops look delicious bet they tasted even better. Well done M you are becoming a very clever baker. Jackie

  8. I should never have admitted in public that I make my own curtains. It is a job not a joy, that's for sure. I never thought of training up my own curtain maker helpers... yours is fab! I love the snow drop fabric. No secret chocolate cake eating here, I am not a big fan of it but I could be tempted by one of those lovely cake pops. x

  9. I make my own curtains and cushions and enjoy the process as it usually means I am having a change in a room which is always a joy. No secret chocolate cake eating, I just eat it.

  10. I haven't made my own curtains for such a long time and I well remember the dress of level and matching hems.!!! So glad the cabin is going to be brought back to life - lots of luck and strength for that job 😀

  11. I have fabric ready and waiting to make curtains, somehow it's doesn't seem to jump to the front of the queue. Good luck with cabin#2

    1. I know that feeling so well. Rope someone in, that is my advice. Jo x

  12. It was so long ago that I made curtains it is a secret to my memory...and as for the chocolate cake...if I tell you when I eat it I will no longer have a secret :) Cheers for involving the girls in your creative projects, be they left or right handed.xxxxxxxx

  13. Making curtains isn't my favourite job either, in fact I have convinced Hubby that they are too expensive to make so we had to buy new ones for our bedroom! What a shame... They are a good starting to sew thing though aren't they so I am sure that helping with stand Big Sis in good sewing stead! So exciting about the upcoming cabin weekend, I hope it goes well and that you enjoy it a great deal!! xx