Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Over the top

I have made this tunic/over top/blouse/thingy for Big Sis out of my left over fabric from my shirt dress.

 I tried a new pattern from Ottobre but in all honesty it was way too big round the neckline so I have had to add two tucks at the front. I made her the polo neck too from this page.

The back has a slit opening and press stud which she can do herself. I used binding on the arms because I really was completely out of fabric on this one.

The rest of my daisy trim was used on the hem to echo the fabric pattern. She wore it with the polo neck which she loves.

In all honesty, I would not make this pattern again. For the overall effect of the finished garment I would rather use this peasant dress pattern which I used for her white blouse and make the top with elastic casings so that I can get a better fit on my skinny girlie- twirly. 

The construction was a bit 'over the top' for the top I got in the end but it is always good to try new things. 
In the end she looked lovely in it.

Thanks for popping over.
Jo xxx


  1. The top is really cute! I like the look of the two tucks you put in the front, but understand that it was annoying they were needed.

  2. I marvel at all of the beautiful things you make for you and your family. What an awesome talent and passion you have. Your works inspire my creative side and I fully plan on setting up my sewing machine and getting to work soon. Keep up the lovely work and thank you for sharing through your blog.

    1. I just started following you on Google so I look forward to seeing your sewing makes.

  3. You have such a beautiful daughter and she looks gorgeous in the pretty top. Love the daisy trim.

  4. The tucks at the neckline look like they belong. Brilliant. Love the daisy trim too. 2 really good makes well done K xXx

  5. No matter the issues with making it, it is beautiful and Big Sis looks very pretty and trendy (sorry "on trend") in it :)

  6. The fabric & trim are both adorable as is your little girl. You're such a good mum. xx

  7. I find that I have to put tucks in my necklines too. Bit of a nuisance but it still looks good and the main thing fits properly. She looks so sweet in it too.

  8. A beautiful model for a beautiful blouse. Well done, Jo!

  9. Ah, she does look lovely. Mx

  10. That looks lovely, it goes well layered with the top you made too. I love to see every last bit of fabric used up. xx

  11. The binding gives the sleeves a nice finish, and it is interesting to know you used it to stretch your material a bit as well. Clever! Big Sis is lovely in her new shirts, Jo. xx

  12. It looks really pretty and the daisy trim is a lovely touch. In the pattern photo the neck looks pretty boat like and that's not great on super slim kids (I had 3 of them and was forever putting elastic in the back of trousers!) How you worked round that with the pleats worked out nicely - nice save!

  13. She is getting more grown up looking and is just so beautiful, so is the new top!

  14. Well no matter how you got there, the result is beautiful!