Friday, 13 February 2015

Ta Dah! Friday Quilt Finish

Ta dah!

I normally say hooray! but that is not enough for this one so ta dah! I have to keep walking into the spare room to smile at it and I keep making the little ones look at it too. Their acting skill at saying the word 'Wooowww!' is starting to wear a bit thin but they have continued to humor me all week.

I could not do the whole quilting thing. My machine aperture was just about big enough to get five vertical stripes to sandwich everything together. I didn't want to spoil it with bad quilting because it is the colour and patchwork that I wanted to shine.

I made a bias binding last Sunday and then machine sewed it on Monday. Next I hand sewed, yes folks by hand, I sewed the other side of binding on the back. 

I have visitors staying for the week next week so my sewing/spare room will be resting but I think I am all done for a while on the machine, I am a bit sewed out. On the plus side, I have an empty drawer where all these scraps used to live and an heirloom bed quilt which I have always wanted to make.


  • A collection of scraps from sewing projects, bloke's old shirts, my pyjama bottoms, given fabric pieces, girl's too small summer dresses and one Tilda charm pack.
  • The backing is one Ikea double bed sheet in navy
  • The wadding (batting) is made from recycled plastic bottles and can be found here
  • Thread? any thread I had that was not guterman went into this quilt and cleared out my drawer nicely
  • Binding was made by me using this tutorial
  • Spotty fabric from an ebay shop
  • Floral fabric from the same place
  • Total cost,in money, not hours! £42 ($64)for wadding and border fabrics.

There is a story behind the jacket but that is for another day.

I will continue to waft in and out of the room taking a peek to see that it is all smooth for the rest of the weekend. 

Thanks for looking and following this momentous 
project every Friday.

Jo xx


  1. Fabulous. I wouldn't be walking in and out. I would move in permanently!! That will definitely be an heirloom quilt.

  2. This is wonderful!!!
    And it looks lovely! I sometimes think over quilting can spoil the look and detract from the design on the fabrics

  3. Wow, very impressive, looks beautiful on the bed, I can understand why you want to keep looking at it, its stunning.

  4. Oh wow, it looks gorgeous. absolutely fantastic. Very well done!

    Happy weekend!

    Lluisa xx

  5. Absolutely amazing. Truly, it is beautiful, the fabrics are delicious and it just looks so pretty, especially against the pillowcases too. Well done, an heirloom and it will forever make you smile. I love it x

  6. Well done Jo your quilt is lovely and if I had the patience and skill to make something so beautiful I too would want to keep showing it off.

  7. Oh fabulous! Love it, love it, love it! I can imagine you just peeking your head through the door every time you walk past! Don't blame you. But you have more than one child so you'll just have to make another.

  8. It's so beautiful, Jo! I love the colors. You must be so proud. Really well done. Enjoy your beautiful bed!

  9. You did an amazing job!!!!! It deserves even more than a ta-dah!!!!! It makes the room so fun and inviting. Well done my friend.

  10. This deserves a really big Ta Dah!!!! moment I think! It is fantastic, and looks really great on your bed and with you snuggled inside it! It will be a perfect way to snuggle and keep warm! xx

  11. This is beautiful and all the more so because you made it!

  12. Congratulations! How exciting! I totally understand going in the room often to look at it! I'd do the same thing! It looks great! And, I love the pillow cases that go with it. They look great too! That's cool that you were able to make it with so many materials you already had and keep the cost low too. And, that you now have extra space in the drawer is a bonus! Woot! I need to make one with a pile of fabric that I collected for a quilt years ago and that's sitting in one of my drawers. How great that would feel! Enjoy! :-D

  13. Please, please, please tell me that you have labelled your Quilt? I have heard so many tales of "found" ancient quilts that give no clue to their ancestry. Even if passed down the family it is nice to know the year etc.
    Sorry for the nag.
    Cally x

  14. Wow that's amzing! It's gorgeous and the cushions are perfect! Have a great week end!

  15. Its beautiful!! The colors are fantastic!

  16. Well done you, it's simply gorgeous and something to treasure for many years to come. I'm not surprised you keep popping in to see it, it's a work of art. In fact you should sell tickets for viewings! 😉
    Happy weekend,

  17. It is amazing!!! And those pillow cases to match are stunning friend! Happy weekend to you!!!! Nicole xo

  18. I love the riot of colour and scraps, my style of sewing in a nutshell. I am going to investigate the wadding to see if I can buy it on a roll. I use sheets for backing, so much easier than wrestling with strips of fabric and you know that they will not shrink.

  19. Oh Jo it's WONDERFUL. I love the way you have grouped the blocks so it's got a definite pattern, but also made it scrappy and happy.
    It's the quilting part that scares me most, I feel it would end up going wrong and ruining all the pretty patchwork.
    You did an amazing job and your project certainly deserves this lovely Ta-Dah post. It was a joy to read.
    Jacquie xxxx

  20. It looks lovely well done, I love the combination of colours. I really must drag my half completed one out to finish before I start my sons. I love how you drag your family in to admire your creation, I try when I complete something but my boys just roll there eyes!

  21. Hello, Jo thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Your quilt is lovely and I like the colours you have used. No wonder you are thrilled with it and keep popping back to take another look:)

  22. Huzzah!! It's absolutely brilliant, I just love the colours, it's perfect, and I can't believe you did the bias by hand, you must be crazy!!! I hope you get years and years of love out of it :-)

  23. Lol Jo, I was wondering about the jacket! Your quilt is fab, you must be really proud :)

  24. It's amazing Jo! Really beautiful and something to treasure and be really proud of.
    Marianne x

  25. Stunning! And you seemed to make it so quickly! Well done - love it!
    Caz xx

  26. It's stunning!! I really wish I could sew when I see finished projects like this :) xx