Monday, 9 February 2015

Trash and Treasure

My favourite type of crafting will always be making something out of nothing. I can get real satisfaction from that. Although I must say that having a job over the last four months has made me think a little more about how I use my craft time. It has also brought home the feeling that my frugal crafting of the last five years was fun but it is also great to have a few pounds to spend on good materials. You know what I am pondering; Ying or yang, time or money.

So when I needed to clear my desk to work. I got a bit excited about all the tat on it.

Mostly bits of interesting packaging from my birthday presents that I didn't want to throw in the bin. I made some cards for my card storage box and cleared my desk at the same time all in about an hour.

I like it when trash turns to treasure. I
 did get some lesson plans written, honestly!

Have a happy week whatever you are making. Jo x


  1. Very impressive, an inspiration to us all.

  2. Very nice! I keep random cute labels as well, but still haven't made anything out of them! That's the part I haven't figured out yet! xD

  3. The cards you made are really cute! :-)

  4. Trash into treasure really is such a great thing isn't it!! I love all of the cards you made, especially the bunny and the owl! xx

  5. Love those cards. And to think they were made from 'trash'.

  6. Perfect cards my friend.