Thursday, 14 August 2014

Why oh why....

Why oh why have I never owned a crocheted phone case? It beggars belief! Anyway a good friend of mine and her daughter came to learn to crochet, have lunch and chat today so I wanted an easy project for them to kick off with and I thought: I haven't even got one to show them. 

I used thick DK (art of knitting yarn) a 3mm hook and made a foundation chain of 25 stitches. I joined it into a circle with a slip stitch, without a twist, then tested it round my phone.

I used a stitch marker to mark the end of the round and made two rows of dc in white. 

I continued in blue until it was the length of my phone and then rather lazily just dc along the bottom without turning it inside out or breaking the yarn. Sew in your ends and add the cutest button you can find in your stash.

I didn't sew it on, I tied it on by threading ribbon through my needle and tying it at the front, twice.

Big Sis sat alongside us 'ladies' learning to chain. It is amazing what you can make for your Barbie with just chain stitch.

...a belt, scarf and hair tie.

A happy time for all of us. 
Jo xxxx

PS.I am experimenting with larger pictures. 
Do you feel shouted at? Do let me know.


  1. No, I don't feel shouted at at all, mainly because I always enlarge so that the blog bit of the page is always larger, so it just means that I can see the detail in the pictures even more easily now! I love the phone holder, it looks very cute with the button on the front. Little Sis's makes are great too! xx

  2. Very pretty! I love that button! xx

  3. The button is lovely. And Barbie looks very swish!

  4. No, the pictures aren't shouting at me. I like them that size. I type my blog in bold type mainly because I'm "visually challenged" and like to be able to read easily. I sometimes give up on blogs if the print is too small or faint. I love the way you tied on your heart button. I would never have thought of that.

  5. I am a great fan of the larger picture, but then my eyesight is not the best. Brilliant way of putting on the heart button, which I loved.

  6. Lovely phone case-I did have a knitted one but not a crocheted one. I especially love Barbie's fashionable chain items as it is fantastic to see children learning crochet-very well done to your little girl! xx

  7. Barbie is going to be so stylish with her new accessories. Love your phone case.

  8. More big photos please. I love seeing the details of your work. They're always so well done.

  9. Good question! And one I'm now asking myself too, cos that is just lovely :-)
    Bigger pics are good - thanks!
    Happy weekend,

  10. Hello!

    I just hopped over from Meredith's blog! I'm your new follower! :) You got a lovely blog, just read some bits and pieces and enjoyed it very much!

    The crocheted phone cozy is cute and practical, lovely! And it's a great idea to get kids crafting from a young age! So much fun!

    You live in Shropshire, how nice! I used to live in Staffordshire and sometimes went for a day out to Shrewsbury. I always loved the drive across the countryside, so beautiful!

    Now I live in Belgium and recently set up my own blog, too:
    (please feel free to come for a little visit!)

    Larger photos are great (the ones on my blog say medium, not sure if that is a universal size across all blogs?)

    Have a nice weekend!
    Ingrid x

  11. Love barbie's scarf! V jaunty! I am so pinching this for my little lady to do!

  12. This is super cute, and what an adorable button! And Barbie's wintery ensemble is tres chic too :)

  13. I love the larger pictures. And the crocheted phone case is a great idea. I don't know if you read Heather's blog Pink Milk, but a while back she did similar and then cross stitched a pattern on top:
    I keep meaning to try something similar. xx