Sunday, 17 August 2014


Today, I start with our weekend harvest as my first picture not the last one like I normally do. A lady at the allotment encouraged me to pick from her basil 'forest' growing in her greenhouse. 

 She offered, we obliged. It made the most vibrant pesto and that spurred us to invite some friends to share it with. We went to the cabin for a walk, play and shared dinner. I did try to make my own Mozzarella from a kit that my brother bought me at Christmas but it went a bit wrong and turned into creamy cottage cheese instead. I added chives and we ate it on crackers all the same. 'notzzarella' was the funny joke of the afternoon along with a lot of other 'cheesy' child friendly puns. We simply had a wonderful meal with great friends.

We slept over after our friends went home with their little ones. The Secret Seven is ideal reading material to accompany our own little adventures; we will be having a cabin password next!

Big Sis watched two buzzards for ages in the fading light under the man blanket whilst playing with her first wobbly tooth with her tongue.

I crocheted four more squares for the 'cabin only' blanket.

When the children had gone to bed, bloke and I sat by the fire and were treated to some distant fireworks which were amazing.

We all admired the view which is ever constant in one way and always changing in another: harvested fields, a worn out green in the trees and hedges along with sheep nibbled grass today.

This post turns full circle as I finish with another harvest, apples. It has been so windy and some good ones are falling down already, perfect with a few (and I mean a few) blackberries but many more of those to come I can see.

Did you have a good weekend? Hope so. Jo xx


  1. Your weekend sounds ideal, good food, good friends, family and time away. Oops I almost forgot crochet, too.

  2. What a beautiful day! And a Pesto Party, yay! Thanks for the lovely photos!
    Ingrid x

  3. Your cabin is beautiful Jo. What wonderful memories you are making for your girls. And the photo of Big Sis is gorgeous! Bee xx

  4. It sounds like the cabin is really agreeing with your family. I'm so glad you're enjoying your time there.

  5. Perfect, good friends, good food from the garden, crochet and a trip away, lots of memories made. The secret seven was a family favourite of ours for a lot of years when my own girls were a lot younger.

  6. Sounds like a perfect weekend full of wonderful memories.
    love Jooles x x x

    P.S Thank you for your kind comment x

  7. That's a fab looking harvest Jo! Your cabin's really cool, you'll have so many amazing memories from spending time there and it seems to slowly be taking shape and filling with lovely looking things :)

    I think you need to make an apple & blackcurrant crumble, that's how I'd manage to turn something perfectly healthy into something not ;-) x

  8. Hmmmmm that harvest (both pics) looks so fresh and healthy, your cabin look so cosy too...glad you are enjoying it all...bestest daisy j x

  9. Your harvest looks wonderful Jo! And to share some pesto with friends is always the best! Your pictures are just too lovely for just shows those beautiful moments in life that make you appreciate everything! Your sweeties are adorable as well! Wishing you and your family many more lovely cabin days ahead!!! Nicole xo

  10. It sounds as though you had a great weekend!! Shame that your cheese didn't quite do the thing that you wanted it to, but sounds as though you enjoyed it in any case! xx