Saturday, 14 December 2013

Hooray! Last present finished

I have knit a hat for my friends husband, they are our close friends and god parents to our children. I have made lots of knitted, crocheted and sewn things over the years for my friend Lisa and her three girls but the dad and son seem to have escaped some how so it is their turn this year. 

I used two strands of Sirdar Country style DK. These were the colours that did not go on my jumper.

In the last year I have been much more confident with my sewing up since watching a tutorial on Youtube here. You sew up with the right side facing you so you feel totally confident that what you see is what you are going to get. I even photographed the join for you to see today. Can you see it??!

The crown increases are highlighted (I would like to say 'in this pattern') but I made it up as I went along so it wasn't intentional but effective nonetheless.

Yippeee!! all presents done, cards sent, tree up... What more is there to do? I think I will just keep making things because that makes me happy. Hope things are going well your way. Jo x


  1. Well done Jo and thanks for the fab tutorial - I am sorry to say that I have a mountain of things to do and hope that time will allow me to finish everything. You have been an inspiration as you have kept going at a steady pace and finished - love the hats, these are something I have always been afraid of making, not sure why but I would love to have a go at one and your tutorial is making me think about one to knit over Christmas once the pressure is off. A great post as always Jo, thank you, lots of love as always

  2. He is going to love it, how nice of you to make him this great hat.

  3. Lovely hat, men often do get left out when it comes to crochet and knit gifts, don't they? I'm sure he's going to love this gift! x

  4. Great beanie Jo - this should keep his head nice and cosy in the freezing cold weather! Joy x

  5. Bravo for another well done project, Jo! I especially like the crown you created. xx

  6. Great hat Jo! I cannot see any join - which is a good thing hey!! I am sure that this will be a very well used present over the coming months and how satisfying to have finished all of your makes. Well done you. xx

  7. It looks terrific! I am sure he will love it. It looks very warm and soft.