Saturday, 28 December 2013

Crafty gifts

I received some lovely gifts over Christmas time. Bloke bought me the dressmakers dummy. I think he was trying to find a way out of the sometimes tricky situations I put him in to pin the back of a dress or pin a hem!

My friend Maddy (Hello Maddy) knit me this beautiful cardigan. I felt really overwhelmed because only my mum has ever knit me things and it felt really special for a friend to take the time to knit me a garment.

Isn't it lovely?

My other woolly gift was the most delicate 4 ply yarn from the Isle of Skye. My friend (hello Angela) told a holiday story in the summer of how she made the whole family visit a Dye House called Shilasdair down a long bumpy road in Skye. She said I would have loved it there. Then when I opened my Christmas present I had this...

It is dyed with Juniper and has a really delicate colourway.

Did I mention that my favourite colour is green?

I am off to find a shawl pattern on ravelry for this gorgeous yarn. Hope you had fabulous presents too. Jo xx


  1. These are beautiful gifts, Jo. That yarn is going to be gorgeous in a shawl.

  2. Hi Jo what wonderful gifts. I have visited the place on Skye many times and have always loved being there, seeing your gorgeous yarn has given me a longing to visit again. Love the dummy and your cardi is perfect and will look divine on you. Have the bestest of New Year and onwards to 2014. So glad that I found your blog this year, you have been such an inspiration to me and many more bloggers.
    Big Happy New Year hugs

  3. Jo, you have been blessed. The cardigan is amazing, all I can say is WOW! It is a perfect color and it looks like it is going to be a perfect fit. What a lovely friend. And that yarn is so yummy, I am thrilled for you. What lovely friends you have.

  4. Lovely gifts for lovely, Jo! Thanks so much for letting us enjoy them with you. xx

  5. Wow, what gorgeous and thoughtful gifts - look forward to seeing that yarn knitted up. Ali gave me a dressmaking dummy too (probably for a similar reason!) :-)
    Have a happy Sunday, hope you've got blue sky & sunshine across the county border too.

  6. Definitely my idea of the best gifts for Christmas, I absolutely love all of them. Do you know if the pattern for Maddy's gift is on Ravelry I would so love to make one for myself. Liz x

    1. I will ask where the pattern is from. It is a real beauty.

    2. Thanks Jo, that's really kind of you, she certainly chose well for you.

  7. Yes...beautiful sweater! And I love that Juniper dyed green skein. Wonderful gifts from wonderful friends. :)

  8. All such beautiful gifts, your friends and family obviously know you well!! The colours of the cardigan and yarn are beautiful - especially the yarn!! Hope that you had a great Christmas and that you have a wonderful New Year! xx

  9. Now that is such a special gift! It is such a gorgeous sweater! I mean...what a blessing to have a friend like that! Nothing sweeter friend! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!! Nicole xoxo

  10. Ooohh I want a dress makers dummy too, I wouldn't trust J to pin things to me! Unfortunately I think apart from pinning me he'd probably get into a real mess :(

    You have an awesome friend, that probably took ages! Being a crafty she'll have known how much you appreciate it though. The colourway is really lovely, as is the yarn you were sent Hope you found a good pattern for it :) x