Wednesday, 17 May 2017

WIP Wednesday

This is getting longer...

The brim on this is getting wider...

This now has a partner...

This bowl gets filled and refilled...

Knitting, crochet, knitting, crochet. Just to keep you guessing. Hope you are having a good week. Jo x


  1. Apparently The Great British Sewing Bee will be on again next year.

    Perhaps you will consider taking part if there is a new series? You definitely have all the skills. Anyway, your post today wasn't about sewing I know and your woolly projects are equally as lovely.

  2. What a busy, busy bee you are. It's fun starting new things. I have a problem staying on track to finish though if I start too many. Intrigued to see what they all are.

  3. I'm intrigued by the circles. Cx

  4. WOW x 4! Your industry is intriguing and admirable, Jo. It's been a good busy week and I planted and weeded in the garden yesterday. Hooray! xx