Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Sampler Quilt block 5, 6 and 7- Applique

Up close, it is not up to much but this quilt block uses two pieces of fabric that have been in my patch box for aeons, it was given to me - I think it might be from a duvet cover. The fabric with the butterfly on has been saved for just the right moment, I didn't know when that would be, but this is it.

I have been making some of my quilt blocks quite roughly and then I will be measuring them carefully and squaring them off. This is because lots of my fabric does not have a good straight edge and I like car crash quilting - it feels fun and free.

On its own the block looked a bit flat compared to the other smaller pieced ones so I drew a butterfly freehand on paper to make a little template and cut them out. I am very rusty using machine embroidery but I like the informal feel, you know me, very 'informal'!

Another applique block I have tried is a four patch square with hearts on. The Hearts came from Amy in a box of unwanted craft items and straight away I had a use for them - they were already cut out so I just zigzaged them on with the machine. Instant.

Three more blocks for Meg's Sampler Quilt. Laid out on the floor, it is starting to look really interesting. 
Jo xxx


  1. I love the eclectic mix of fabrics and how each piece has a story. Looking forward to seeing its progress.

  2. It is fun to see your interesting and creative steps forward to complete the quilt, Jo. It also encourages me to keep at the projects I have in various stages from completion. Currently I am working on the calculations necessary before I can start stitching an embroidery sampler like my mother's I showed you awhile ago. Thanks for posting! xx