Wednesday, 24 May 2017 May

Cooking - Less and sharing more: that's warmer weather.

Making - A sun hat

Drinking - Kids squash - its a comfort thing!

Wanting - A safe flight to France

Deciding - What to pack for holidays. I was too tight to buy more baggage allowance.

Considering - Giving away some clutter that has been around for a while
Wearing - Summer clothes: blouses, vests, skirts and bare legs.

Enjoying - How much our girls love having a dog - he chews everything!

Wondering - If any of my GCSE English group will get pass grades

Watching - Our girls gain new skills

Disliking - Having to leave the garden when so much good stuff is flowering

Buying - A new cooker. The glass lid exploded on the old one...

Loving - Being able to fix things (but not the cooker!)

Thinking - About all the good stuff in our lives

Getting - A better shoulder with the help of an osteopath

Eating - Fresh chives

Feeling - Holiday excited

Jo xx


  1. Holidays! We don't get this half term in Scotland, just a Bank Holiday weekend. I am always to tight to get extra baggage allowance. It makes me quite cross really, having to buy any. We managed with two bags for six people for a whole week when we went to Turkey. Wishing you a great trip. It is the best time in France and no doubt you'll enjoy picnics with crunchy baguette and lovely fresh foods with it. I hope nobody was near the cooker when the glass exploded.
    I am off camping this weekend, there is some excitement in the air here, too. xx

  2. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Everything in the garden looks beautiful. Most of it will still be there on your return. Love all the photos.

  3. It was worth the fuss to me to downsize my luggage for my last flight, and I hope to do even better for my summer travels. I admire your hat very much, and your flowers are gorgeous. I hope your students pass with flying colors, and that you have a safe and happily memorable trip. xx