Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Seriously Good Family Days

We have seriously had our best few family days for a long time last May day weekend, we have finally kicked the monotony of being inside a lot over Winter. In no particular order...

Bluebell walking in the woods

Laughing together - the sign says 'please close the gate' !!!

Great views

Teaching the girls the photography rule of three

The tooth fairy came - Little M has been waiting for so long for her first one at the age of seven and a half;she was the last one in her class.

Walking and training our dog, Bruce, who is now allowed out with other dogs and people.

Catching lambs and castrating rams with my Dad, it's not all fun!

Big Sis can catch them, sex them and put them in the right holding pen with me. Little M preferred to stay watching from the gallery.

Everyone has been eating well, without people complaining, I consider this a personal achievement. This is chocolate cake with melted easter eggs inside but stuffed pork, wild garlic pesto, asparagus, green beans, coconut milk rice pudding and more spicy food have all been eaten with gusto lately. Fennel was still met with a flat refusal!

It is made using our 'Cake in a Mug' One Mug gives us all a tablespoon each. It takes three minutes in the microwave and the girls can do them on their own (now). We have one each which we were given as gifts by our next door neighbour, they are all different recipes.

The girls went horse riding with some friends.

Other weekend highlights, I know there is more! Bloke and I went out for a meal followed by watching our friends band AND the childrne slept at my dads so we had a lie in, I made a few more squares for a crochet blanket and a fingerless glove with a grafted thumb. Phew! 

Happy Days. 
You have to write all about them so you remember them 
in the not so good times, which someone reminded me poignantly this week. Thanks Sarah. Jo xxx


  1. Such a wonderful account of your happenings, creating some amazing memories to treasure.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time. My children seem to be going through a picky stage at the moment with food likes/dislikes which has come as a surprise as up till now they had eaten most things. Hoping its just a faddy faze.

  3. Saw some lambs recently but they probably are already woolly jumpers and casseroles, many of them anyway. Very sad. Saw a limping sheep too but no one around to tell or take care of it. Mixed blessings seeing the poor little innocent lambs skipping about so joyously.

  4. We made the mug cakes with a group of kids at the light party last year. My friend sourced some edible flat bottomed cones which saved washing up. Still a bit messy though and you need only a small amount of mixture in each. Cathy x

  5. What a fabulous time you all seem to have had. The cake and raspberries looked really good. Well done on the eating front got yo be good at the end of the day.

  6. Such a fun and happy time had by all (perhaps except the rams maybe...)!
    We have been enjoying a resurgence of mug cakes in the microwave this bank holiday weekend too - great minds think alike!!

  7. Thanks for sharing some of your good weekend with us, Jo. I scrolled through the post several times, enjoying the photos and narrative...was so impressed with how involved you are in caring for the lambs, and Bruce! I have never seen beautiful bluebells in mass in the wild other than in lovely photos like yours and I am especially fond of your view of Dad with the girls and Bruce. Precious times to remember for sure! xx

  8. Wise words from your friend, and I loved reading all about your everyday family happenings. I mostly enjoyed reading about all that delicious food though. And now it's late and I've got the munchies the thought of a cake in a mug is very appealing... x