Sunday, 21 May 2017

Sampler Quilt 8 and 9 - Brick Wall

Seriously, I have been making stuff faster than I have days to blog about them so look out there might be a bit of a barrage this week before we go on holiday in Whit week. First up...

...I made another block of teeny squares because I just love this combination of 64 5cm squares;it used up more little bits too. Then I made a brick wall out of rectangles using pieces that were 4.5 x 8.5cm. It seems a bit less accurate but I cut these with scissors instead of the rotary cutter because I ran out of sharp blades and to me, it is very noticeable.

Still more scraps to go at. I have a few more ideas now that Amy from Love made my Home has sent me some fabric after a craft clear out. Thanks Amy. They have got the creative juices flowing.

Is it me or is this pile still the same size as the last time I posted a quilt block post?? Spooky...

Thanks for looking. Jo x


  1. Hi Jo!!!! I have been missing you. Love your squares and your gorgeous trousers. I love all you have made for your beautiful girls. Hope you have a wonderful trip.

  2. Those little patchwork squares are just gorgeous, and what a great way to use up every last tiny scrap of fabric, especially that liberty tana lawn. Can you send some creative energy my way? I need more crochet hours in my day than I currently have! x

  3. Your patchwork squares are just the look I want a patch work quilt to have. Thanks for letting us admire your work...which will hopefully inspire our own work :) I hope you had a good time at the cabin this weekend and I am so excited for you, thinking of your camping trip to France! Happy Week xxxxx

  4. Glad the fabrics are inspiring you! The blocks look great don't they.

  5. No Jo the pile of scraps doesn't look smaller if anything it looks bigger. Love the square and all the colours in them.

  6. You need to stop doing this to me! Now I want to make a patchwork block of little squares and I have way too many things on my to do list already! Both versions are so lovely. Have a lovely half term break.

    1. I love the postage stamp one so much I would make a whole quilt of those all framed up - it would look awesome. They don't take that long to make, it is machine sewing after all. Jo x

  7. I love the little squares, they make a really fabulous block.