Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Replica Cover up Blouse

After the success of making a replica blouse of an old favourite I decided to repeat the process again.
This is an old blouse - how old I do not know because I bought it from a second hand vintage shop eight years ago. It was when Big Sis was not a sister, she was a lonesome baby and I bought this East blouse because it was good for breastfeeding and fitted my post pregnancy bigger frame at the time.

It does however have a beautiful embroidered centre piece at the front which was what stopped me putting it in the recycling bag.I also liked the relaxed peasant style for summer days when I don't want both my arms and legs out at the same time.

I made a toile out of a duvet cover after cutting up the old blouse to gauge a smaller fit. All looseley tacked so that I could rip it out easily after fitting. Check.

These became the new fabric pattern pieces ready for some new sparkling white embroidaise anglais fabric which I had left from my last blouse.

Ta dah! A new peasant blouse which is really easy to wear and has saved that lovely piece of embroidery.

Perfect for today when the UK had a scorcher and I had seen enough sun on my arms, especially my car driving right arm which is a touch rosy.

Perfectly floaty and comfortable for the school sports day today - Ouch! Hot by you today?

Jo xxxx


  1. So pretty! What a great idea to use the beautiful embroidery panel.

  2. It's gorgeous! Really great way to use the panel and make something you love :) Super hot in Leicestershire, grateful for office air con!

  3. Well done! Even all wrapped up and with my back to the sun I got a bit of a sunburn on my face Saturday at Seaside beach...and it was cloudy and cool which is why I was bundled up, so you are smart to beware of the sun when it shines. It is cloudy and cool this morning in Boring, Oregon...but I am hopeful it will be sunny and warm this afternoon. Happy Sports Day! xx

  4. What a great makeover/remake!! Wonderful idea Jo, you are so creative!

  5. Red hot here to, hope you had fun at the sports day. Not quite as creative as you but I have just made some shorts out of some tired trousers. Love the blouse a great way to save the embroidered panel.

  6. Yes we are scorched here today and yesterday. The blouse is beautiful looks really good on and suits you. Winner alround I would say.

  7. You are a miracle worker, Jo, and it looks lovely on you.

  8. It is fabulous! Great job Jo.

  9. What a brilliant idea, saving the 'too good to let go of' embroidered part. So clever and it looks great with those bright shorts .