Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Patchwork compliments

This gorgeous little make was all made with free little bits and pieces that came with compliments.

The patchwork flower pieces were stapled to an invoice from Lina Patchwork. It was really small. The liberty fabric swatches (about 8cm square) came with compliments from Alice Caroline when I ordered half a metre of Liberty to make my twin set. I wondered what I was going to do with them and now here they are meeting up with someone else's kindness.

I used my glue pen to cover the paper pieces and then had a happy half an hour doing teeny weeny stitches to join it all together. I popped in two bits of Liberty from which I have made clothes to make the full flower.

Finally, the hoop was a free gift on a magazine which my Aunt did not want so she gave it to me. All totally free and fun. It is joining my ever growing gallery of hoops at the cabin.

How small do your scraps have to be before you throw them away?

Jo xxx


  1. I am not great with scraps. I keep collecting them and eventually hide them in a bag in the dark not to be seen again.... your little hoops art is lovely. x

  2. A beautiful way to display precious pieces of Liberty! I think it makes a lovely addition to your art display in the cabin! Me, scraps, well unless they are largish I hate to say but I let them go!

  3. I love all things scrappy and only discard very thin stringy scraps from straightening edges. Even the half inch bits get used as raw edge applique for dolls clothes and blankets.

  4. I am pretty good with scraps, using most and only discard tiny chards. I must admit to having quite a pile of them at the moment. Loved your creation a great addition to the display in your cabin. Inspirational.

  5. It is fun Jo! Well done!

  6. So sweet and tiny. Love your growing collection on the wall, they look great together.

  7. That is a lovely idea. I made a carry-cot-sized one inch hexagon quilt with the leftovers from my double bed log cabin quilt (which I made from my mum's scrap stash) and tucked away safely I have the leftover strips from that project so yes I keep everything. I once saw a quilt made with selvedge strips which looked fantastic. Isn't that the point of patchwork that nothing goes to waste. Good to see I'm not alone!

  8. I love your hoop art, I keep every scrap, because you just never know ....

  9. I love your free art, it's super!

    Oh yes, I keep every scrap! A few days ago I broke the habit of a lifetime and threw away a scrap of about half inch wide by 10 inches, and wouldn't you know it, within 24 hours I needed it - it was too late, the piece was in the kitchen bin covered with unmentionable waste!
    Barbara xx