Friday, 15 July 2016

Cabin Sleepovers

We have found this rather natty way of starting the weekend. We all agree that we are going to sleep at the cabin on Friday night. 

Bloke picks the children up from after-school club, I get home shortly afterwards, we all change into farm clothes, then drive past the Chinese takeaway and pick up dinner to eat at the cabin.

The children stay up later than normal. We play, we unwind together, watch the sunset and the lights come on in the distant town then go to sleep to the strange animal noises that accompany us at the farm. I usually manage to sneak in half an hour of crochet.

The next morning we eat breakfast, have a bit more playing time then pack up, go home and have a shower. Miraculously we still have the whole weekend to go! 

The photo on the right is purely for my memory, I spent the best 90 minutes of my life last weekend with Little M totally engaged in spotting, drawing and using a nature book to find the names of these wildflowers. I love the way she has written the date, she felt so grown up when she did it. We think the purple one is selfheal not shelfheal when we cross referenced it later.

Last weeks play consisted of an animal derby followed by a very creative stop frame animation which Big Sis set up with her camera. She took 32 photos to play back quickly to reveal the story, I think you can guess what happened in the end...

We have done it twice now and it really has been a huge success to enjoy the lighter nights even if it has not been really summery. 

Being outside together is what we love. Have a great weekend. Jo xxx


  1. What a totally wonderful thing to do Jo. That is memory making and sharing right there. Just love it , this has filled me with warmth, enjoy this week end x

  2. What a wonderful blog the photos are great. A lovely way to extend the weekend how fabulous. Can I just say that little M has lovely writing I'm really impressed with it.

  3. Such an amazing way to start the weekend and create such wonderful memories, beautiful.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Jo! I love the wonderful memories you are making :) xx

  5. Sounds bliss, have a wonderful weekend
    Clare x

  6. What a fantastic way to start the weekend!! That is wonderful and a great way to use the cabin too!

  7. Hi Jo, I think this sounds like such a nice plan. It must give you something exciting to look forward to all week long, and then on the day you must be twitching with anticipation! I love that feeling. Friday is a good day anyway, and then to have a big plan too, how nice. I loved seeing Little M's drawings and writing. It's always interesting to me to see how other kids do that stuff, it's so much like what mine do. Kids are the same wherever you go in the important ways, I think. I hope you're having a good weekend!

  8. Fantastic! Being outside together is what I love, too. Here is too many more weekends at the cabin. xx