Friday, 28 March 2014

Sewing Table Makeover

This month for my Minerva craft post, I have made a few accessories for my sewing table. I don't have a huge space but I have been leaving my machine out all the time of late and it means I can snatch an hour of sewing here and there without the set up and clear up which eats into this precious time.

I saw this fabric and thought it ideal for my sewing table. I made bias binding using the patchwork pack. There is always a moment in my sewing where I need to tell myself to keep calm, what about you?

Ta dah!

The kit includes: 

A fat quarter pack, pattern, thread and the oh 'sew' 
appropriate fabric.

The pattern has a variety of things to try. It is great if you have just got a new machine or want to have a play with one that has been handed down to you. You can make really useful things but nothing that requires anything to actually fit!

I did however have to do a little bit of pattern joining - Look at that, eat your heart out Patrick and May!

Covered Notion pots. Quick and fun to make out of some 
recycled body cream pots.

A pattern box for those pesky vintage patterns I like but 
can't get to fit...

A pin jar for my machine feet, bobbins and unpicker. 
I added a little crochet flower too.

The final sewing table makeover:

I hope you have been inspired to dust off your sewing machine by The Great British Sewing Bee BBC TV series or maybe by my little table of sewing loveliness.

Thanks Minerva. Love Jo x


  1. Wow Jo! How busy have you been?! I love everything you have made and the keep calm fabric is great and very appropriate for sewing, I agree. Yip the GBSB has definitely inspired me and I have also been going a litte sewing this week.
    Marianne x

  2. Ohh this makeover is wonderful! I love everything you made and the fabric is so pretty! I've been thinking of making a cover for my sewing machine for quite a while and I think I'm going to have to go ahead and do it now I've seen how pretty yours has turned out :) xx

  3. Ohh this makeover is wonderful! I love everything you made and the fabric is so pretty! I've been thinking of making a cover for my sewing machine for quite a while and I think I'm going to have to go ahead and do it now I've seen how pretty yours has turned out :) xx

  4. What a wonderful makeover, the sewing machine cover was stunning and those little pots were divine, such a simple but really effective idea.

  5. What a clever thing you are. Lots of recycling and I think you could definitely make Patrick and May sit up and take notice.

  6. Dear Jo
    Fantastic makeover! Your pattern joining looks perfect to me - congratulations (Patrick and May should be impressed!) I really like the fabric but would be rubbish at the pattern joining!
    Have a happy sewing weekend.
    Best wishes

  7. Brilliant joining of the fabric!!!! I don't think that it could be possible to be any better than that. Love the new things that you have made for your sewing table, I hope that they inspire you to even more greatness!! xx

  8. This is a lovely little collection of things!

  9. That is one very pretty, and very inviting, sewing desk! I love the fabric, and all the sweet-yet-handy items you've made! Chrissie x

  10. Oh Jo, your craft table looks fab, I love the machine cover, then to have all the matching bits!!!!! Gorgeous. X

  11. Jo hello, what a fine Job you have made of your sewing table.

    In answer to your question on my blog....

    YES yes yes....

    I have a brand new overlocker I felt I had been practising for long enough with my sewing machine overlocking stitch and now I do not know how I could ever live without it,


  12. It looks terrific! You did a great job with it. I would like to make a machine cover too but my machine has a big hard plastic case and I feel like it would be pointless not to use it. This is a bummer because I really want to make a pretty sewn one!

  13. Jo, this looks so colourful....should make stitching fun! :) x

  14. that's all amazing!!! love it!

  15. What a lovely colourful make over I don't know how you fit every thing in - so multi- talented x

  16. Wow Jo, what a great job you've done with everything - all so bright and beautiful, perfect stitching and matching and . . . . well . . . . I love it all! Love, Joy xo

  17. Wonderful, I especially love the pattern box, I'm a sucker for neat little boxes to put everything in. And the fabric is fantastic, I always need to be reminded to keep calm!

  18. It's all so lovely. I especially love your sewing machine cover. I really need to make one for mine as the horrid plastic one it came with is so torn and ugly. One day... x

  19. Lovely projects, love the fabric.
    Hugs to you,

  20. Hai una bella raccolta di progetti !Ti seguo con piacere

  21. Wow Jo these are just fabulous - I just love every one of them. You have done a wonderful job as always. A lovely post Jo and so inspiring as always which is why you are one of my most favourite bloggers. Thank you for your continued support, it means a lot to me. Sending you big hugs and loves

  22. Amazing fabric! So zingy! And I love that pincushion topper on the jar :)
    I've recently started my blog, would be lovely to see you over at, Jillxo

  23. Perfect material and great projects, Jo! Thanks for posting xx