Thursday, 6 March 2014

CAL little fingerless gloves

Joining in with Chrissie and Marianne today for the CAL. My latest blanket is coming along well but I am a bit obsessed with these little mitts at the moment. The perfect project for Spring.

I made Big Sis some last week and had a request (as always) for another pair.

Yesterday, however we made plans, good outdoor ones which did not involve the wearing of pretty pink gloves...

Little M and I packed a basket before the school run of snack, hot squash, gloves, lip balm, phone and tools to go to the allotment. We dropped off Big Sis and headed straight there, no distractions of going home first.

We planted 90 onion sets. I say we, I dug and planted the onions and she collected 'treasures' and couldn't wait to crack open the flask. 

A hot Ribena break...

Then back home to polish those treasures. It took all of one hour but it set my day up nicely. A bit of fresh air and little girl chit chat made me feel really productive. I am off to look at all the other CAL projects now.

Love Jo xx


  1. The mittens look lovely & it sounds like you had a busy time at the allotment!

  2. Beautiful mitts Jo, and how nice to spend time with Little M in such a happy way - and down the track there will be some produce too! Joy x

  3. Your mittens are very pretty, and you are so right about making a great start to your day at your allotment. Glad that you and little sis enjoyed it - in your different ways!! I haven't had hot Ribena for years, but you are making me want some now!! xx

  4. Oooo those little mittens are the perfect shade of pink! Love the bows! And I just love some quality girl time with my little one, I love how you two spent the morning digging, planting and chatting! Chrissie x

  5. Great mitts, I loved the little addition of a bow. There something really satisfying about planting up a veg plot, even better with a little helper.

  6. The mitts are so sweet! I just love the bow on them. It looks like you had a nice time at the allotment with your little one, those are the best times together, aren't they? My little girl loves to help with the garden.

  7. love the mitts and well done on getting your onions sorted!

  8. Well done on making the pretty mitts, and getting the onions planted, Jo! Our local feed store is advertising onion starts and my friend told me today she is ready to plant lettuce in some pots out in her backyard...sure signs of Spring! Yea!!! xx