Monday, 24 March 2014

Rolled Hem Foot Fun

I had a blouse, 100% silk from Boden, bought in the sale about two years ago, but I got a little hole in the sleeve. I thought one day I will fix that somehow remembering how Sandra from the Sewing Bee in series one had used a rolled hem foot on some chiffon.

Next...After reading a post from Lazy Daisy about different types of feet for her sewing machine I set to work on the problem...

With my new machine (new 2013) I had one of these feet included but had never used it. I was bold, I am, it is just the way things are, so I cut a curve off the sleeve removing the hole.

I found the instruction book which lasted about five minutes, I could not find it in there so I had a little test on the cut off pieces. It was so ridiculously easy! 

You started the hem off by folding it by hand, get your first stitch in then just keep guiding the raw edge to the left and it curls in itself.

Look at the edge. It looks really professional. Few whispy bits there to cut off but no major problems. Then I got the bug and couldn't bear to throw away the pieces I had cut off the arms to use as testers. Look...

Hooray! New party top to wear with skinny jeans and my green ballet flats. I LOVE green.

And I love my new revamped blouse - so if you have a rolled hem foot lurking in your kit, get it out and have a go. 

Happy Days Jo xxx


  1. Oh wow. You have made it look so easy ;0)
    The finished blouse looks fab

  2. Awesome! You remade it beautifully. It's going to look fabulous in the outfit you describe.

  3. How clever of you. I got my sewing machine for my 21st birthday and it's taken until the past few years for me to be brave enough to try out the attachments. I don't have one of those though.
    Happy sewing
    S xx

  4. That is insane!!! How flipping cute is that friend!! You amaze me! And because I am just a beginner I have no idea what I would even be looking for though my pillowcase is done and the curtains are hemmed. Beyond that I'm still a bit lost! Happy partying sweet lady!!! Nicole xo

  5. Wow, I am impressed. I have about six feet for my sewing machine but never tried any but the standard one. Wow. Beautiful! Cx

  6. Dear Jo
    What a fabulous makeover! Huge congratulations on such a gorgeous project. I bet you'll enjoy wearing it even more now - it's an original!
    Best wishes

  7. A beautiful revamped blouse! I bet it looks even better than it did before...Cx

  8. Girl, you are amazing - I'm totally convinced nothing will stop you - I did actually see you make that cute frilly
    'brooch' out of the scraps, didn't I, my eyes are not deceiving me? Well done, enjoy wearing it and be proud!
    Joy xo

  9. You clever girl Jo, well done. I have one of these feet on my new machine and didn't have a clue how to use it - after reading your post I am going to have a go. I love the little brooch, it is perfect and I am sure you will look delightful in your outfit. A fab post as always Jo, sorry I have been a stranger for a while, lovely to be back. Big hugs and loves

  10. I love me some green too! I have used the rolled hem on my overlocker (serger), but never on my machine - it gives such a different finish. Will be trying it soon, thanks!

  11. Great job Jo!! I love the way that you have used the offcuts to make a little extra embellishment. xx

  12. So clever ... a gorgeous upcycle ... Bee xx

  13. Love this. Awesome job. What a cool little tool. I must see if I can get one, especially as i'm starting on a chiffon blouse soon.