Tuesday 28 March 2023

March...ing along into early Spring with all of the weather. It is time for fun, florals and a clear out.

Baking - Scones for mothering Sunday and continuing my table vase challenge this week with more daffodils.


Having - a spring clean in the wardrobe department. The doors would not close so I knew it was time for a sort out. There is only one way to do this in my opinion and that is to empty it completely and only put back what I really want. I did a charity shop run and some homemade gifting to friends.

Loving - the snow fall. We are a family of sledgers! We are very fortunate/unfortunate, depends how you look at it, to live on a high ridge. There is always good snowfall and plenty of slopes.

Considering - what to do with my fruit cage. I am really disappointed. How can something so holey that cost £500 collapse in a flurry of snow! Bloke says he can fix it.

Looking - at another rainbow. With so much varied weather in March we have been looking at a lot of rainbows.

Disliking - Thursday. Had an oestoepath appointment and then a flat tyre. I couldn't get the spare off the back door of my Jimny and had to ring the nearest tyre place to come and rescue me. I was filthy by the time the guy arrived and he did it in 10 mins. He looked at my dusty clothes after I apologised for not changing it myself and said, "God loves a trier!"

Crocheting - with my youngest. She is making a crochet jumper for herself and I have been sewing in the ends.

Finishing - our community bunting. My girls, and a few peeps at the craft club I run, have been making bunting....loads of it. It has totally cleared up my scrap fabric pile which is a joy to me. My part was to attach it all to the tape.

Ta Dah!

Making - a start on those mini skeins by learning to fade. OK, so my first green fade wasn't great but the next purple to blue one is awesome. Always happy to learn something new.

Finally the view on our second smaller snowfall.

I am off to check out your blogs, I am more of a reader these days than a commenter but be assured I am still checking in. Jo xxxx


  1. The snow at your house looked fabulous, I'm glad you got to enjoy it and I love the way you have used up your scraps. x

  2. I do love your blog, it's always so full of interesting stuff. Google is playing tricks with me, I am logged on, even though it tells me I'm not, and I'm Joy from Forty Three, The Final Front Door https://joyknitt.blogspot.com

  3. A fabulous month it seems, apart from the flat tyre of course. I wouldn't even know how to start changing a tyre. Daffodils are just so beautiful, I have had a bunch on my table for weeks (not always the same one of course). Have a wonderful April! xx

    1. And you will be getting orange tulips soon I hope...if they haven't been eaten by any scoundrels.

  4. So much snow, we only had a little in Lincolnshire, back in January I think. So many nice things in your photos, I hope your daughter likes her crochet jumper, nice colours. I wouldn't have been able to change a tyre, I really ought to learn as we live miles from town. I'm in the AA, so once called them out when stuck at Lidl in Mablethorpe, with a flat tyre. Take care Cx

  5. Just had a Spring sort out in our wardrobes and now there is breathing space in them :-)
    The bunting looks fab, such a great way to use up scraps of fabric and create something fun and beautiful. Great to see the creative talents of both your daughters. The jumper will be lovely x