Monday, 20 March 2023

End of Winter

Am I right in assuming if you live in the UK you have had enough of Winter? I have. I always feel like this around the end of February or beginning of March because I like to get into my garden and greenhouse to plant some seeds and look forward to the growing season. We don't have lambing to deal with this year so I don't even have a distraction.

I have squeezed in another knit before the lighter nights when my evenings consist more of dog walking and gardening rather than sitting on my backside knitting. I always feel at my most unhealthy at this time of year.

This is a bit of an mash up wool wise but I wanted something to knit straight away. The pattern is a simple tank from Erika Knight which I picked up in Ippikin for £1. The yarn was in a sale bin in the same shop but there was not enough to make a single colour version.

Anyway that didn't stop me and I managed to get 4 grey and 3 purple to make a randomly striped one. The back is all grey and the front is worked in such a manner that the random stripes worked up until I ran out of grey. The yarn is an exceptionally smooth merino. It is called Adriafil Bucaneve. I had it for £2:50 a ball!

I managed to sort the flipping hem issue on this top because the pattern is structured so that you pick up the ribbing at the end rather than starting with it. I dyed my chewing gum grey white shirt purple but the jury is still out on whether this is a good combo.

My mind is definitely turning to warmer weather. I bought a pack of mini skeins last year at Wonderwool Wales - it was one of those pretty purchases that happens on a whim but the brain power needed to actually decide what to make with it almost outweighs the joy I had at the point of buying it. You can't help making these kinds of choices; you are a slave to them if you love wool. The pack was reduced from £44 to £10 - that is what did it!

Anyway, I sorted out my wool basket and found a few balls of Drops yarn in a neutral colourway and deciced to try my hand at some colour fading. The pattern I landed on was a simple summer vest from The Knitter magazine. Not sure how it is going to work out yet but you know me, I will just keep knitting. 

Are you ready to get outside? Jo xxx


  1. I going outside every day, rain or shine but I am absolutely ready for more pleasant weather and long days. It is not fun walking in squelching boots and soaked through trousers. My wool box is on my list of things to sort through. Well overdue. I am more likely to donate yarn to charity though. I just don't have it in me to make fabulous knitted garments out of bits and bobs, like you do. Your warming vest is fabulous, perfect for the season. My dad used to call knitted vests (which he adored and wore often) "soul-warmers" and I think that is true. Warm core, warm heart. Have a lovely week xx

  2. The vest looks lovely on you, Jo, and I like that basket full of possibilities.

  3. I love the tank and the colours you used. Looks fabulous. It will be interesting to see what you do with the mini skeins of yarn .
    Can't wait to properly get started in the garden. At the moment I am just pootling when the weather is dry enough. Happy week Jo x

  4. Your top is beautiful, I love the colour combo and OMG what a bargain on the yarn!
    Looking forward to seeing what you make with your bargain minis!

  5. Yes, I'm very ready to be outside in the garden in the warm sunshine. Although the calendar says it's spring it's not exactly feeling like it yet. Hopefully soon, though.

  6. Lovely tank and it looks beautiful with the shirt. I'm sort of ready for spring sunshine and blossom and sort of panicking at everything to be done as I'm swamped with work at the moment and working in the evenings, so no wriggle room anywhere. I have new raised beds to be put together and the person employed to do them has only done one before retreating to his room. But a bit of gardening always makes me feel better, so yes, I am ready for some warmer days. And less mud on the dog :) CJ xx

  7. Your knitting looks good, I love the colour combination with the blouse. I've been busy in the garden a few times this week. It's not proper gardening as such, more sweeping the drive (tree catkin heads) constantly falling. Shovelling up wood chippings that a gardener delivered on the front lawn. Sadly it was on the grass too long (husband was ill with Covid), we've cleared it all now. We'll need to re-seed the bare patch. Have a good week x