Tuesday, 28 February 2023


Just a quick fly in today as we have just got back from holiday and things are all over the place. Have you enjoyed February? Sometimes I think it is the worst month because Winter feels so long but this year it has flown by with family, work, sewing, knitting and our ski holiday.

Travelling - to Austria for our first family ski holiday. Things are different from when Bloke and I used to ski every year, sometimes twice in our 30's. We all have to wear helmets and priorities are different. We wanted a location that we could take walks, mooch and visit when our legs were aching from ski boots. Gone are the days of skiing, getting drunk and skiing on repeat with a hangover all in a woolly hat.

Eating - street waffles with chocolate sauce in Zell am See and...

Copious amounts of ham and cheese.

Loving - the bright days, exercise and the feeling of freedom. It makes you feel really alive.

Knitting - some socks on holiday. It is my go to project for travelling. 

Wearing - my new sweater. I love it so...

Sewing - my second Marnie Blouse by Tilly and the Buttons. My first one has gone to a friend and I sized down and made this one with a smaller sleeve in double gauze. The right fabric choice is key to this pattern.

Admitting - that we all missed Beano immensely while we were away. He was so pleased to see us and lay on the huge pile of dirty washing when we got back for ages.

Arriving - back to a tidy house. Thanks mum. She even cleaned the fridge!

Getting - stilettos for my cutting table. Bloke made me these leg extensions for my table so that I can cut out without having a sore back. Genius eh?

Attending - an overlocker course at Guthri and Ghani in Birmingham. It was brilliant and I learnt so much. It was a bit of a busman's holiday - a day off sewing to learn about more sewing!

Marking - the first week of the flower vase challenge I set myself last year. How long can I have a vase of flowers continuously throughout the year from either hedgerow or garden? I think I am already a few weeks up on last year when I started in March. Today we have hellebores, daffs, and euphorbia.

Leaving - you with the view of course. It doesn't matter where I go in the world I am always ecstatic to get back to this, I think it is engrained on my retinas.
Chat soon. Jo xxx


  1. Dear Beano, I love the image of him lying on all of your washing. The picture of the skiing with the mountains in the background is absolutely stunning. Wow. And a great idea to go somewhere where you can go out and do others things too. Your blouse is lovely, really pretty, I like it a lot. Your living room is very welcoming and neat, I love the deep blues and greens. Flowers very good too. All I have here is one solitary crocus. Even my hyacinths went mushy in the big freeze, along with all of the aeoniums. CJ xx

  2. Bless your mother, she is a keeper! Going skiing but not only skiing sounds like fun and your photos demonstrate it worked out well. Isn't your Marnie blouse gorgeous? How is double gauze to sew with? Did you find the overlocker course helpful for tricky things like curves and corners? I was wondering of taking a course to help me with this, and to explore stuff you can do with the overlocker that I haven't even thought about. Have a lovely week xx

    1. It was very useful. I have been asked to make a few videos about some techniques so I will let you know when they are up.

  3. Welcome back. So pleased you all enjoyed your holiday. The flower vase is looking good. Well done Mum, always nice to come back to tidy ready to start again.

  4. February looks to have been a good month all around. I love the photo of your (tidy) living room, so welcoming.

  5. We love zell am see . Skiing when the kids and us were younger and now we go in the summer when it is absolutely beautiful.

  6. We have just come back from holiday too, no snow but lots of sun. Last time I went to zel am see was before I got married.
    Hope you enjoyed the overlocker course in Birmingham. You were only a couple of miles away from me :-)

  7. So many good enjoyable things Jo. I'm glad that you enjoyed your family holiday. Such beautiful flowers, sounds a lovely idea to keep a vase going. Fantastic leg extensions, and what a wonderful Mum you have x

  8. Hi Jo, I hope you had a lovely time but I can see you did. Such wonderful pictues to brighten a miserable day here. The overlocker course sounds exciting did you go alone? I have had mine for 24 years and still don't use it to it's full potential I know, it edges things and occasionaly does a frilly edge! I love the legs to your cutting table, I generally use the bedroom floor. Have a great week. xx