Tuesday, 24 January 2023


Hello there, long time no posting! It has been a busy month of getting back to normal after the festive season in some pretty dreich weather but I always find there something to pick out as a positive in life. Lets poke around and see what we can find...

Trying - to make the most of the bright days by getting out with the dog.

Sewing - With lace which is not as hard as you think. This is the Montrose top by Cashmerette patterns.

Making - A flouncy wrap dress for my birthday party. This is Simplicity 8637 in Minerva Exclusive Viscose Challis.

Inviting - my favourite people to a pudding party at home. We put a tent on the side of the house, my girls ran a bar and we made our house like a pub for the night! It was a special birthday for me...the big 50. We were not able to celebrate building our own house in lockdown so it was a great celebration to invite people round who did not know where we had moved to. It is a shame that in January, people could not see the view but hey ho.

Updating - the state of our sofa cushions and a wonky lampshade that was damaged in our move 3 years ago. I love covering a new lampshade in fabric. The kit is reasonably priced from danells and the fabric was given to me by a friend so really just some sewing time needed for the new cushions. All that fabric has gone now which makes me happy.

Sharing - some sewing tips for adding waistbands. I absolutely love my job with Minerva as a videographer and have become a better sewer as a result. You soon get better when you are filming yourself! This is the Ness Skirt by Tilly and Buttons in a beautiful china blue cotton sateen. It has some stretch so a fitted skirt is the perfect match to this skirt pattern.

Knitting - a sweater from my new raglan knitting book which bloke bought me for Christmas. I am running a mystery DK mustard yarn with some isager mohair silk and the colour and texture is gorgeous. That is a chocolate orange in there not a ball of yarn!!

Cutting - out my latest vintage pattern find. The 1970's patterns look really current at the moment. Those long pointy curved edged collars from the 70's never made a come back did they!?

Watching - as the view from the kitchen window changing minute by minute on Monday evening. I struggled to choose the best one for you.

 I have been woefully bad at blogging this month what with school closures due to no hot water, getting back into work mode and planning a big party so I am off to check out what you have all been up to. Thanks for checking in. Jo xxxx


  1. Happy Birthday Jo! I am so glad you were able to celebrate in style and have all your favourite people to share the occasion. January is always a bit dreich but I am lucky this year, sitting in the bay window of my guest house room in Malawi as I type. Your sewing is as always marvellous. I do record teaching so understand what you mean when you say you have become a better sewer now that you film tutorials. I've made a Montrose top (but never wear it). Yours is gorgeous. I have decided to blog more about my sewing again, after taking ages to put together a wardrobe essentials 2022 wrap-up post. I think sharing makes me a more thoughtful maker. Anyway, must dash. Lovely to catch up with you xx

  2. Happy big birthday Jo! And thanks for sharing all your lovely photos - your work is such an inspiration.

  3. Happy birthday Jo- great to have a reason to celebrate in the dark days. You’ve planted a seed with your lovely lamp cover and your flouncy dress has reminded me I need to think about reducing the sizes in a bought one which is just too big. Not sure where I can take a long triangle out at the side seams or need to unpick all the flounces, reduce and re stitch. Off to look for ideas online!

  4. Happy belated birthday. A pudding party how fabulous! I love your lampshade and your dress and skirt, you have such a beautiful home too. A view to behold. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  5. A belated happy birthday, I love the idea of a pudding party, genius. The dress is absolutely perfect, I really love that style, it's exactly what I would choose. Bertie could not be trusted with handmade patchwork cushions sadly. I love that you have a chocolate orange in your knitting basket, it made me smile. CJ xx

  6. I hope you enjoyed your birthday celebrations Jo. I have an '0' birthday in March. A pudding party was a great idea.
    Great revamp on your sofa cushions and lampshade. They look fab.