Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Woolen Blanket

Ta Dah! A gorgeous wool blanket. As soon as I laid it on the grass for a photo, Beano hopped on for a lie down.

As previously mentioned Christina from A colourful life sent my daughter some yarn which she decided she no longer had the time to crochet up. In the bag was a little stack of granny squares. Both Heidi and I made up the rest of the yarn into squares. It turns out for all three of us to get the same sized gauge, we all needed to use different sized hooks!

I blocked the squares in batches moving them around on the pencils so that the top ones had some time on the bottom. They were all the same size by the time I crocheted them together.

The two balls of pale grey were not quite enough for me to add another row on each one while I used the join-as-you-go method to join it all together but not to worry. I can always use the third ball to make a baby cardy or something.

It has made the most beautiful lap blanket with a substantial wool weight to it which makes it very comforting. Talking of wool, can you spot the sheep in the grass? It is so long at the moment that we can hardly see them and they look so funny hiding in the long stalks.

The mix of colours are just perfect. I used two rows of double crochet, then two rows of trebles to make a border finally finishing it off with my favourite crab stitch edging.

It now lives on my chair and in the evening I love the look and style of it on the arts and crafts chair.

At the end of a project I always star to think about the next one. Last week I picked up two skeins of jester yarn for 50p each in a charity shop. I am not sure what to make with it but it will certainly be some kind of neck attire. The initial problem is how do you make yarn cakes from yarn with pom poms hanging off it? with difficulty it turns out. I had to sort of gather them all on one side to continue rolling the ball.

Anyway, thanks for popping in. I am off to catch up with you folks....

Jo xx


  1. The blanket is great and I love how three of you made it. And how handsome Beano looks on it. Master of all he surveys. The Jester yarn is intriguing, I shall wait to see what you make.

  2. The blanket is gorgeous, and the pale grey yarn sets off the coloured squares beautifully. I love the edging. X

  3. That is a great blanket and must have been a nice project that you all worked on together. I haven't seen wool with pompoms already added before, so am intrigued to see what you come up with.
    Best wishes

  4. Love the blanket and the pale grey to used to finish it off. The crab stitch is a go to favourite my finishes too. The pom pom yarn made me smile, i am waiting eagerly to see what you make with it.

  5. Lovely blanket Jo and it looks like Beano has given his seal of approval too :)
    That Jester yarn looks like it could be a fun project to play around with.
    Have a good week x

  6. I love that Christina sent yarn and granny's and you all finished up the blanket. It is a beauty. Love it.

  7. It turned out so beautiful, I am so glad I sent the yarn your way. I just don't have it in me anymore, crochet that is. Thank you for turning this into something beautiful and practical. x

  8. These are gorgeous - thank you for sharing how you made them.
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  9. That blanket is gorgeous and I love the fact that three pairs of hands have worked it, linking you all together. x

  10. What a lovely blanket. I am thinking of making one in wool rather than acrylic, but the cost....... CN x