Thursday, 17 June 2021

Some successful sewing

 Making clothes has been pretty prolific since starting to freelance sew for Minerva. I make media content for their site, mainly sewing tutorials, which are not live yet. This means that I am making about an item of clothing a week. The garments are useful for our whole family and many have been gifted to friends too.

Here is a round up of this month's successful sewing.

A vintage pattern make with a touch of 'Call the midwife' about it, but in a good way. I loved making the matching belt which suits me more than a strap with a bow. The fabric is by Dashwood studios and is a perfect cotton for shift dresses.

On a more casual and free vein, I toiled up a pair of Heyday dungarees from a piece of linen mix fabric which my friend bought for her daughter in lockdown but never got round to using. Her husband was going to throw it outcan you believe but she said I could use it - too right. Andy asked me if I wanted him to put on Dexy's Midnight Runners on the ipod! Cheeky.

Sewing has not been exclusively for me. This beauty was made for my big girl for a wedding we are attending on 17th July. She is stuck in the no-mans-land of not quite being in adult clothes but too old for children's clothes. I remember it well. 

This fabric pressed like a dream so it was used to make a tutorial on box pleats. The fabric is cotton sateen which has a kind of lustre finish and is often brightly printed. The princess seams of McCalls 7714 meant that I could take in the bust but still keep the overall shape with the waistband.

The smaller one wants trousers to wear to the same event but she is very specific. She wants floppy trousers and a top which tucks in to make it look like a jumpsuit. She wants to be able to go to the toilet - so wise for one so young. I have made allowances for the trousers to be unpicked at the ankle hems and let down so we should get two summers out of these disco trews. I haven't finished the ensemble yet.

I am currently on a quest to use more solid colour fabrics because my clothes are getting a bit 'busy'. Who wouldn't need a white top for summer to go with everyyyything? The pattern is free called the 'Hello sailor top' I had to make quite a few modifications on my first one because it was too tight across the shoulder blades but this one from my modified pattern was spot on.

Talking of plain colours, I have cut out a pair of cords for Autumn by the skin of my teeth. This is what I had left over.

Last but not least, I made a second pair of PJ's for the big girl to practise making rouleau loops and pin tucks ready for an up and coming tutorial.

The sewing continues... Have you been watching the Sewing Bee on TV? I watched the final with a gin and elderflower fizzy thing. Wonderful!

Off to catch up on all of your blogging news now. Jo xxxxx


  1. Oh my goodness, you are good at this sewing malarkey. Those rouleau loops! The pintucks! Your daughter's dress is really pretty as well. I did indeed watch the Sewing Bee, fending off all comers who kept muttering things about football. For a moment, I had a fancy to sew myself a summer dress, but I know it will end badly so I am waiting for the idea to go away. One day when I have more time to spend on it I would like to give it a go though. Something a bit floaty I feel. I thought Serena was brilliant.

  2. My goodness so much to see and admire, your sewing machine must be on fire. Love it all but the dungarees and your daughters dress really stand out. Have a great weekend.

  3. Your sewing is wonderful, more power to you. I struggle with finding a style and a pattern make that fits well as my shape has changed over the years. Looking forward to having my sewing room back when grandson moves from lodging with us to living with his girlfriend in London. The Sewing Bee was the highlight of the week's viewing, so pleased Serena won with her consistency but oh, weren't Raph's creations stunning?

  4. Once again you have amazed me with your incredible sewing talent Jo. Well done on all the projects. Your Bloke makes me laugh, good choice of music for that outfit.

  5. More gorgeous outfits, Jo! You really are a wonder woman.