Friday, 28 May 2021

Getting hooked all over again

 I haven't crocheted for a while, I have been knitting a lot but as summer comes, it is nice to have a portable project for the evenings that I can take and sit outside with, well if only it would warm up a bit!

Christina sent my daughter some yarn she was not using, a selection of groovy granny squares and a lovely card to inspire her. I copied Christina's design. My crochet is on the loose side so to get squares that matched I had to use a size 3mm hook. Heidi copied me doing one stitch for stitch and then she was off.

She loves making them and by having a head start with some ready made ones from Christina she is really motivated. Meg has a cross stitch on the go in the evenings, Heidi is crocheting and I am battling on with a knitting modification that, if I am honest, is close to the compost bins stage but I am too tenacious to give up.

I bought a pale grey to hold them altogether which is working out well. It was an exciting purchase because I actually went to a wool shop and made a purchase after perusing - such a novelty. I needed to buy a wool yarn which did not detract from the bright colours.

I know as soon as the blanket starts to hang down onto the floor, Beano will start lying on it. He does this when I am hand quilting!

If the weather was warmer we would be outside in the light evenings but it is just so cold that we have reverted to winter pastimes for a while. Hopefully some sunshine to come over the next week while the children are their half term break.

Thanks for dropping in. Jo xxxx


  1. I thought I recognised these squares :-)

    So glad you both like them. I knew you would be able to use the squares and the wool to make something special. Did your fabric arrive?

    Going to a yarn shop is exciting, so much better than buying online. Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend xx

  2. Come to Florida, it is plenty warm here. You will actually want to go in to get some cool air. Love the projects, Christina is so thoughtful. Stay safe.

  3. Must admit I haven't picked up a crochet hook or knitting pins for a while. I must do something about that :) The granny squares are very pretty.
    Beano looks like butter wouldn't melt!!! but I bet it does.
    Hope you have had a lovely Bank holiday x

  4. Those look lovely, such a talented family I bet you are out in the garden now that the weather has improved. I have a few patterns to pass your way if you are interested? Have a lovely week. x