Tuesday, 4 May 2021

All done#33 Art Gallery Jersey

Art Gallery fabric is a purse buster however it is exceptional quality to wear, sew and wash. I find that if you buy good fabric you treat it well with thought and precision. Today I am sharing an all done post showing how I have used some fabric to the very end. This is the 33rd time I have posted an all done post which feels amazing. It is an activity I derive a great deal of satisfaction from. No joy flows to me from filling my fabric cupboard full of scraps.

I had two metres, prewashed the fabric then used the first cut to make a T-shirt for myself with a shirring detail. It has four way stretch which makes it very comfy to wear.

Megan had her eye on this fabric too so I used a small piece to team up with some left over sweatshirt fabric to make this top for her. She absolutely loves it - I do too.

To use the final small pieces, I had a knicker making morning followed by a try of the Watson bra. A new pattern to me which I toiled first to get the fit right before using the last of the lovely fabric. It was sods law because the fit was just fine on my first go but you never know with bra making. Always worth a try first.

All done dancing cats: 1 adult T-shirt, 1 feature wall on a kids top, three pairs of knickers and bra. Pretty good for 2 metres of fabric.

Do you have stash to use up? Jo xxx


  1. Oh what brilliant use of fabric! I love all of it but the underwear is fab, would the watson bra be any good for me? I am small only a 34A and usually my bras have the padded cups, could it be added or would that not work with this one? I have seen it made a few times and the results always look lovely. x

  2. You certainly got your money's worth from this gorgeous fabric. All the makes are great. I am really envious of your ability to make fab underwear tho. 😊

  3. Very pretty fabric and the T shirt looks fabulous on you.

  4. Fabulous! I love how you manage to make so many garments from so little fabric. Cx

  5. Such a gorgeous fabric! I love the way you made the most of it.