Friday, 23 April 2021


 I am loving a swish and a float around in my new Lyra Dress by Tilly and the Buttons. 

The fabric is a linen viscose mix which means it has a beautiful texture and a wonderful drape, ideal for gathering into tiers.

The pockets are brilliant and the collar had good instructions if you are ready to take your sewing to the next level.

I am wearing it with leggings today (I have brown ones but I couldn't be bothered to change) but it would be lovely with sandals or thick tights and boots. 

My rust coloured cardigan is on its second sleeve so I am hoping to have a full Autumn outfit in a couple of months time.
Thanks for stopping by as ever. 

Ps. I have a haircut booked next Thursday. YAY!


  1. When I saw this pattern released, I knew this would be a dress for you. It is lovely and it suits you. Linen viscose is such a great mix, perfect for dresses. Yay for the haircut! I have one booked, too. I don't recognise the women in my bathroom mirror, her hair is like that of Winnie the witch (my children used to love Winnie the witch picture books). Have a good week xx

  2. This is such a great look, Jo, and the model is beautiful as well.

  3. Every girl needs a swish and float day and you look like you were having fun modelling your new make. Have a good week x

  4. That is lovely - smart (because collar) but relaxed. Nice colourway too. Personally I think long hair suits you, but that’s no good if it doesn’t feel right!

    1. Ah thanks Barbara, its not the length, it is the split ends that are bothering me!

  5. That is really pretty and I layer everything with tights for quite a while. It has to be really warm for me to brave a bare leg. take care. x

  6. It looks so lovely! The fabric is really pretty.