Sunday, 4 April 2021

Celebrating - Easter and Spring with lovely weather, a church service outdoors, gardening and a Sunday dinner.

Getting - around to recovering the seat on the grubby chair in the office. The woodland fabric works well with the green maps.

Collecting - all of my house plants in the greenhouse for a re pot. Most have outgrown their homes and some needed cuttings taking. It was a very satisfying job.

Sewing - some delicate linen batiste into beautiful summer jammies. They took me far longer than they should have for something that will be worn in bed but only because I enjoyed every moment of the details: pintucking, rouleau loops, binding, gathered shoulders etc.

Knitting - a new cardigan from my Kate Davies book.

Watching - my girl find something to do. She set herself up with some whittling by going out and finding fresh hazel to cut and all the tools she needed. She made her and her sister magic wands with gold painted handles.

Loving - the daffs of course. These are the ones that blew over in the wind last week so I popped them in a jug. The variety inthe second photo are stunning, they have outlasted all of the others - I saw the bulbs in Lidl for £1.99!

Growing - windowsill herbs. We are still building the garden and I have really missed having herbs to cook with so Meg planted up some seeds for indoors.

Baking  - a blueberry and almond cake. 

Eating - crispy duck and noodles. We are a long way from a takeaway now so Friday night is always a takeaway style meal that I cook myself.

Finding - out that my big girl is now Size 1 on Tilly and Buttons patterns. This is a momentous day! I can continue to make her some clothes which she likes. She has grown so much in the last lockdown year and not being able to get her proper clothes that fit has been a real trial.

Continuing - to grow hair, look at the view and count our blessings.

Stay safe and well with a little bit of spring hope in the air.
Jo xxx


  1. Happy Easter. I love those pyjamas and would happily wear them myself. x

  2. Dear Jo, I’ve just found your blog and really enjoyed reading lots of your posts. I’m recovering from knee surgery at the moment and your lovely photos remind me that soon I will be able to get into my sewing room and start a new Spring colours quilt. Thank you for the inspiration, what a lovely view you have from your windows, best wishes, Sue

  3. Great to see your updates ! You have sewn beautiful dresses for your daughters :)
    Lovely plants! Do you repot indoor plants every year?

    1. Yes once in the Spring to give them room to grow and then selected ones once in the autumn to move up any cuttings I have made or pot them again for a restful winter. Our whole family takes part, that was about a third of them!

  4. Lovely pyjamas and your cake and crispy duck look delicious.

  5. Fantastic pyjamas, and I love the wand whittling. We like a bit of wand-making around here as well. And also knives of course. Drops Lima is lovely isn't it. I made my youngest a blanket out of it, it's deliciously warm. Beautiful views at the end, it must be such a pleasure to look out at that every day. CJ xx

  6. WOW!!! It has been months since I have told you how much I admire your creative efforts, but I have been admiring them! So much great sewing, and knitting and cooking and outside explorations. The Paper Doll sweater, and socks are among my favorites of your knitting projects. Your snowman album is a brilliant idea! My mom made nearly all my clothes, but was not able to help me successfully transition to making my own...not blaming her just lamenting my ineptness and lack of perseverance. I am delighted to see your girls learning so much...great pillow projects, and cake decorating and...! I am glad you have been able to make a career shift you find rewarding, Jo. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely new home and some of your routine. I was so interested to see photos of your little church...especially during this strange time in our history when gathering anywhere is discouraged. I have been Zooming to Bible studies and meetings, and attending online church services this last year. I have even had online medical appointments and some physical therapy after pulling some connective tissue in my right arm and shoulder. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and not giving up on our online connection. It is fun to think we may have been repotting plants at about the same time! I used a ruler to prop up my one Paper White that produced leaves but no flower. I have moved the pot out to my patio and now another of the four bulbs is producing leaves...I hope it will produce a flower and I hope the other two bulbs will grow, too! Today I have a dishcloth half knit...progress! Happy Spring πŸŒΏπŸ’žπŸŒ·πŸŒΏ((hugs))

  7. Lovely, just lovely. When can I move in? Tilly and the Buttons has some fun patterns for teenage girls (and grown ups alike). I was pleased to see that they have updated their sizing options to be more size inclusive. Must send you a photo of my Billie sweater, it is really neat. I am looking at my cucumber seedlings, thinking they should be potted on. Meg could teach me how to grow parsley and basil from seed, these are tricky to grow. Maybe I am just hopeless? Any suggestions are welcome. Have a lovely week xx

  8. Windowsill herbs are fabulous in the kitchen. So good to pick and cook- from plant pot to cooking pot! Still lots of creativity going on in your household I see. Thank you for sharing them.
    You also seem to have more success with house plants than I do.I seem to have better luck with things in the ground outside. Enjoy the rest of the week x