Friday, 24 July 2020

Pretending to be on Holiday

I haven't posted in a while eh? We were supposed to be on holiday in Switzerland this last week but it was cancelled like many people's holidays. Instead we had a pretend holiday at the farm. Highlights include:

Some sock knitting by the fire. These are simply to use up some Drops Fabel so they are a little off the wall but still an enjoyable knit.

The children actually packed a suitcase to travel 8 miles in a bid to pretend we were really going on holiday! They slept in a tent in the field to add to the excitement.

They made sandcastles in some building sand.

We went on a much needed two hour walk one evening in the warm weather.

There was some light shopping in Church Stretton to buy cakes and books from a quaint book shop.

They played in a nearby stream which they absolutely loved.

Andy and I really knocked a hole in our snagging list on the house build. Some of the carpets were laid along with adding curtains, lampshades and some furniture. Hot water is so close I can smell it.

Meg asks on a weekly basis when we will put her new bed together so now that her carpet is down we all got stuck in.

I gave the house a really good clean up now that the dusty carpentry work is finished then in the end no one wanted to go back to our actual home! 

So we had a holiday of sorts. A break from work, the normal things that bug us and a proper change of view.

I just about managed to crawl over the end of term finish line last week where I have been working full time for a while during lockdown. It has made me realise why I don't do it anymore. I love teaching children but not all the other dross that seems to go with it. I am happy to work part time and enjoy family and friends as part of a balanced life.

Time for some sewing I think. I haven't been near the machine for over four weeks so I am getting tetchy.

I'm off to catch up on all of your news now. 
Thanks for dropping in. Jo xx


  1. Not Switzerland, but lovely all the same. I am glad you could enjoy your break. x

  2. Glad you enjoyed your break and that you are near the finishing line of your beautiful new home. Loved the sandcastle they really made me smile.

  3. It sounds like a lovely break, a shame about Switzerland, but you achieved a lot and had some fun too I think. I love the sandcastles! How is the new garden going? Good I hope. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the summer break, CJ xx

  4. The week sounds lovely, just the right amount of getting things done and relaxing. Stay safe Jo.

  5. That looks like a cracking week. I love that the girls packed a suitcase. I was considering putting the tent up in the garden and sleeping out, Master Clicky was scathing! I know what you mean about teaching, since I left I do miss working with kids but everything else.....No. CN xxx

  6. Looks like you were able to make a lovely break happen with the family even if it wasn't the original plan. Glad you survived that last week of term,always a tough one I think. Hoping that you will be able to enjoy your new home and garden to the full very soon x

  7. This looks like a proper summer holiday, tent, sand castles, knitting by the fire and all. Switzerland will be still there for when you have the opportunity to travel. Annie wants to visit my mum but I am not keen for her to sit on a plane...

    I hope you get some viewings for your old home? I can tell you are ready to move into your new home. Imagine the views from your living room every day of the year! It will be so fabulous.

    I am glad you are now finished with your demanding work for a while. I hope you can be back part time after the summer? I hate working full-time and would give a leg to reduce my hours. I am off just now but the thought of returning next week makes me a bit ill. I'll be working at home for the foreseeable future, not good for separating work from home life.

    I hope you get some time sewing this week! I plan to finish some bits and bobs and maybe cut fabric for a skirt. xx

  8. I love that your girls got in the tent and had their holiday anyway, good for them, I am sure you enjoyed the change of scene too. The house is looking beautiful is a move close then? I am also glad to break for the summer, the only problem being after a long summer holiday I never want to go back! x

  9. Hope you are all well xx looks like the perfect getaway xx the girls have grown up so much. Xxx